In early 2020 around the worlds are shock by the corona virus called by covid-19. All the economic and industry were collapse at that time. We never know certainly when this virus will be end. Until WHO (World’s Health Organization) pronounce this is become pandemic over the worlds. Dead increases each day and there are many changes situation uncontrolled. Like we have to maintain social distancing and large-scale social restriction.

This proceeding contains of scientific studies related to science and technology from various parties’ scholars of engineering that comes from a lot of university in Indonesia. Focuses and scope this proceeding at engineering and agricultural technology with examines several issues in society. Concentration produce many approaches to contribute indirect thoughts and direct design recommendation.

This year faculty of science and technology Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo University proudly present national conference of Faculty of science and technology 2021 with academic collaboration in the theme of “Utilization of Renewable Energy in Industry and Agriculture for Sustainable Community Welfare”


Presentation video:

ISBN: 978-623-6081-31-0


Published: 2021-03-30