Procedia of Engineering and Life Science <p>Procedia of Engineering and Life Science is an output from the National Science and Technology Seminar held by the engineering faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo en-US Procedia of Engineering and Life Science 2807-2243 Web-Based Kupang Sales Information System <p><em>Kupang is a food that comes from the sea which contains various health benefits. Kupang is a type of shellfish that lives in the sea. This type of shellfish has a fairly high nutritional content, but unfortunately not everyone knows the content contained in mussels. And sometimes it's just made into processed food with soup without any innovation. The obstacle experienced by the seller of the village of Balnggabus is that the customer must come directly to the location to get the desired Kupang. Another problem faced is that customers are often disappointed because the supply of mussels has run out or when the seller is not selling. With a web-based sales information system, Kupang sales can reach a wider range of consumers and make it easier for consumers to make transactions.</em></p> Helen Rindy Affikasari Cindy Taurusta Copyright (c) 2022 Helen Rindy Affikasari, Cindy Taurusta 2022-12-14 2022-12-14 3 10.21070/pels.v3i1.1306 Interactive Augmented Reality Web for Introduction to Plants in the Sukolelo Prigen Herbal Village <p><em>The use of existing technology in Indonesia is still not widely applied. Even the information on the internet about the tourist attractions of the Kampung Herbal Sukolelo Prigen is still incomplete. Therefore, we need a solution to facilitate the introduction of existing herbal plants, so that tourists are more interested in coming to this tourist spot. Augmented Reality (AR) applications have the ability to display multimedia content from PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other devices. Augmented Reality (AR) is widely used in the fields of entertainment, games, advertising, education, health, commerce, as well as industry. This application will display 3D objects of herbal plants by scanning the camera from the user's device against a predetermined marker. Later the marker will be printed and placed in a special place. Then each marker will display a 3D object of herbal plants and the other supporting attributes. This application is expected to make it easier for tourists to recognize existing herbal plants. This application in the future is able to display 3D objects in the form of herbal plants and other attributes as supporting information. </em></p> Achmad Alfi Fakhresi Rohman Dijaya Copyright (c) 2022 Achmad Alfi Fakhresi, Rohman Dijaya 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1314 Hajj Pillars Education Application Using Markerless Augmented Reality Method <p><em>Hajj is a special worship, which is a dream and obligation for Muslims in the world to perform it, for those who are physically and materially capable. An introduction to the pilgrimage has been obtained since the 3rd grade of Elementary School (SD). The long process of the pilgrimage with various pillars and provisions contained in the procedures for its implementation often raises the disinterest of students in learning to understand and study the pilgrimage more deeply. To achieve the desired competence, many learning media have been developed, one of which is Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to integrate 3D objects into a real environment. Based on this problem, the author makes an application about the introduction and pillars of the pilgrimage based on Augmented Reality using the Markerless method. Making applications using Blender software as a modeler and Unity 3D as an application maker. It is hoped that this application can introduce Augmented Reality into the world of education, and help students, especially elementary school children, get to know the pillars of Hajj better.</em></p> Eka Fatra Arif Hidayatullah Rohman Dijaya Nuril Lutvi Azizah Copyright (c) 2022 Eka Fatra Arif Hidayatullah, Rohman Dijaya, Nuril Lutvi Azizah 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1310 Application of Capital Market Investment Planning Expert System Using Website-Based Forward Chaining Method <p><em>Good investment planning is the beginning to achieve investment goals. Price fluctuations in the capital market and financial behavior are the guides for the community in making investment plans. The low level of financial literacy in the community causes people to more often forget to make investment plans and if they are made only based on feelings. Thus, it is necessary to have a system that helps the community to make effective investment plans. The expert system was chosen for that because it has everything needed to meet these needs. In this study, the expert system uses the forward chaining method. After developing the expert system, it runs well and can meet the needs of the community.</em></p> Rakhmad Fahmi Putra Sumarno Copyright (c) 2022 Rakhmad Fahmi Putra, Sumarno 2022-12-27 2022-12-27 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1318 Application Of Website-Based Men’s Fashion Purchase Application (Blibli Shionpri) <p>The use of smartphone from year to year is getting more dan more enthusiasts and will continue to increase every<br>year, this is due to the increasingly rapid development of the times. The existence of social media features that are easy to access<br>and offered with their respective benefits and goals will centainly make it easier for users to communicate and find out updated<br>information, one of which is in conducting online buying and selling transactions. Fashion is one of the things that is widely<br>followed by its development, buying fashion online aims to make buying and selling transactions easily and comfortably without<br>any geographical constraints, saving energy, shortening time and being cheap, easy to find the desired item, and establishing<br>good cooperative relationships. Both between the seller and the buyer. However, there are several problems that are often<br>experienced by users of online buying and selling transaction services. This has a solution with a strong information and security<br>system in order to provide more satisfaction for users of online buying and selling services.</p> Aidin Fajar Shodiq Agusman Cindy Taurusta Copyright (c) 2022 Aidin Fajar Shodiq Agusman, Cindy Taurusta 2022-12-27 2022-12-27 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1319 Android-Based Vegetable Retail Sales System Using Firebase API Method <p>Developments in the economic sector so far have brought quite a rapid impact in the business world, this has led to differences in sales at the market level. Porong Market is a traditional market located in Porong District, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java Province. Not all traders in Porong market have their own proper land or place to sell their wares. This creates problems when the rainfall is erratic and causes the traders' land to become flooded or muddy. This sales system is designed with the Java programming language which is then implemented on an Android-based system. The results of this study are the android based sales system using the firebase api which has been tested with blackbox testing on several respondents. The benefits of the research are expected to make it easier for the public to find out information about sales at the Porong market. And users can manage merchandise to keep getting a stable income for sellers</p> Mochamad Muslikhudin Copyright (c) 2023 Mochamad Muslikhudin 2023-01-02 2023-01-02 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1321 Design of a Web-Based New Student Admission Information System Accompanied by a Midtrans Payment Gateway Payment Method at SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo <p><em>SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo is an educational unit with junior high school level with NPSN number 20501661 which has private status and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture. SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo has its address at Jl. Raden Patah No. 91 E, Pucang Anom, Sidoarjo District, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java Province with postal code 61217.</em></p> <p><em>The problem that is owned by SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo is at the time of PPDB implementation, where implementation still takes a long time and requires extra energy for the committee in accepting new students. Starting with students having to come to school to queue for taking forms and filling out the forms provided. In addition, announcement information for prospective students is placed on the bulletin board, so that information may not be fully received by prospective students. For prospective students who have been declared graduated by the student body, prospective students will return to school and make payments offline. And for the process of accepting prospective students using conventional, namely using special notes and processing student data using the Microsoft Excel application, so that data processing of prospective students takes a long time and is not integrated with each other.</em></p> <p><em>Therefore, in this study, it is proposed to make a web-based application for Admission of New Students. It is hoped that it can help the registration process for new students, so that prospective participants do not need to come to school again. Starting from registration, payment of prospective students who have passed and filling out forms are all done online so that it can simplify and shorten the time for new students.</em></p> Diky Chandra Ramadhan Mochammad Alfan Rosid Copyright (c) 2023 Diky Chandra Ramadhan, Mochammad Alfan Rosid 2023-01-04 2023-01-04 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1322 Historical Application of the Formation of the Three Greatest Islamic Kingdoms of the Middle Ages Based on Augmented Reality <p>The importance of studying Islamic Cultural History (SKI), especially the history of the formation of the three largest medieval Islamic empires, namely that students are able to understand and get many valuable lessons from the events of Islamic revival and struggle, so that they can shape the character of a generation with Islamic values. However, the results of observations made in Private Madrasah Aliyah, Raden Patah, Mojokerto, class X for SKI learning still use the blackboard and in delivering the material it is done by the lecture method. This method resulted in 52% of students being less enthusiastic. Students will be easily sleepy and lazy if only offered learning without innovative media. Then we need a learning method using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which combines virtual objects and real objects that can be touched and seen so that users can interact directly with these objects. This study aims to create an application as a more effective and interactive learning media in SKI subjects. making this application using Blender 3D as modeling and Unity 3D as application development.</p> Fatona Kholifatun Nisa' Rohman Dijaya Nuril Lutvi Azizah Copyright (c) 2023 Fatona Kholifatun Nisa', Rohman Dijaya, Nuril Lutvi Azizah 2023-01-09 2023-01-09 3 Expert System for Early Detection of Child Intelligence Development Using Website-Based Multiple Intelligence <p><em>Every child when born into the world, he brings various types of innate intelligence unique to one another. Children's intelligence is one aspect of the child's initial ability to understand every pattern and understanding in thinking. Multiple intelligences are one of the intelligences that can help find characteristics in early childhood. With this expert system, it is hoped that it can become a medium for parents to find the dominance of intelligence in early childhood. The method of identifying children's intelligence used in this system uses forward chaining and certain factors which retrieve intelligence data from several sources and published journals. The results that this researcher wants is to find dominance intelligence in early childhood as well as an assessment of user satisfaction with the application.</em></p> Abdul Rochim Hindarto Copyright (c) 2023 Abdul Rochim, Hindarto 2023-01-10 2023-01-10 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1335 Implementation of the Honeypot Method in Form Input Security Against Sql-Injection Attacks <p><em>At this time the internet is something that can not be separated in the life of modern society. For this reason, fast, safe and reliable internet is very important. To achieve this on the internet there are various kinds of technology that make it very influential in our lives. In the scope of security for safe and smooth internet web surfing, we need security, especially in the excess part of the website. One way to do this is to commit website crimes, namely Sql Injection. Sql injection is a hacking action that is carried out in the client application by modifying the SQL commands that are in the client application memory. SQL Injection is a technique for exploiting web applications, commands can be entered as desired by the user even though the user is not authorized to do so. The damage done by the user that can lead to fatal consequences can be done by using SQL injection. One of the methods used to prevent website security attacks is Honeypot. Honeypot is a system or computer that is deliberately used as bait to become a target for attacks from attackers.</em></p> Adam Putra Ade Eviyanti Copyright (c) 2023 Adam Putra, Ade Eviyanti 2023-01-17 2023-01-17 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1336 The Influence of Village Demographics on the Prediction of Community Participation in Elections Using the Naïve Bayes Algorithm (Case Study: Pacitan City) <p><em>Voters' demographic factors have an influence in regional head elections or regional elections. The study will classify based on general election data obtained from villages in sub-districts in Pacitan Regency using data mining techniques. The variables that will be used in classifying villages are TPS, DPT, Attendance and Golput. The method that will be used is the Naïve Bayes method which is one of the classification techniques in data mining. Based on the research conducted, it is concluded that the information system created can classify villages into 2 types, namely low and high by Naïve Bayes method.</em></p> Ferry Setiawan Arif Senja Copyright (c) 2023 Ferry Setiawan, Arif Senja 2023-01-17 2023-01-17 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1337 Sentiment Analysis of OYO App Reviews Using the Support Vector Machine Algorithm <p><em>The rapidly growing tourism industry causes the need for hotels to increase. This has led to innovation in the form of virtual hotel operators, one of which is OYO. OYO is a VHO application with the highest rating found on&nbsp; the Google playstore. OYO is one of the applications with millions of users. Of course, this cannot be separated from the ratings and reviews from users. The reviews contained in the playstore itself can contain positive, neutral or even negative opinions. Given the importance of user reviews to application development, this research classifies reviews on the OYO application to determine user sentiment. In this study, the data used is 2,000 data which will be classified into positive, neutral and negative sentiments. The Support vector machine algorithm was chosen because it is capable of producing high accuracy. Based on testing, the Radial basis function kernel is able to produce the highest accuracy among other kernels and by using a dataset division ratio of 80:20 the accuracy obtained is 78.98%. While testing using the Confusion matrix produces an accuracy of 80.36%.</em></p> Zaenal Zaenal Ika Ratna Indra Astutik Copyright (c) 2023 Zaenal Zaenal, Ika Ratna Indra Astutik 2023-01-25 2023-01-25 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1338 Sales System at a Web-Based Cika Ciki Snack Shop <p><em>Cika Ciki Snack Shop is one of the agents that sells a variety of snacks from various brands, but the store owner has problems promoting the products he sells, the longer it takes, the more competitors there are other snack agents, then Cika Ciki Snack Shop utilizes technology to market products. Therefore, the author created a website-based sales information system to develop a business in terms of sales. to make it easier for store owners to promote snacks and make it easier for customers to make purchases. This research was made using a Website-based information system with the waterfall method, and MySQL as the database, which is the data collection of anything snack along with the brand name provided by Cika Ciki Snack Store.</em></p> Lia Iftitah Arif Senja Fitrani Copyright (c) 2023 Lia Iftitah, Arif Senja Fitrani 2023-02-01 2023-02-01 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1339 Design Of Web-Based Coffee Sales System (Case Study: CV Cahaya Abadi) <p>In this era of interconnectedness, technological progress occurs very quickly. One technology that is<br>trending and has been widely accepted by almost everyone around the world is e-commerce. However, in Indonesia<br>itself, there are still many businesses that are still done conventionally, such as CV. Cahaya Abadi. This causes<br>business processes to not work efficiently, especially during transaction processing. Another problem is the lack of<br>reporting tools that accurately reflect performance indicators such as total customers and total sales volume, so that<br>company performance cannot be monitored. The purpose of this research is to create an integrated web-based sales<br>system that is intended as an integrated sales system that has various features for users and allows Cahaya Abadi to<br>manage the entire business in one place in a structured manner. In this study, the waterfall method is used as a<br>development method. The result of this research is a web-based sales system that is expected to be useful for sales<br>media and transaction monitoring. Based on the results, the percentage of the overall quality of the sales system is<br>84%, so this system is feasible for mass use.</p> Muhammad Choir Ridho Azizi Yulian Findawati Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Choir Ridho Azizi, Yulian Findawati 2023-02-02 2023-02-02 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1341 Expert System For Failure Diagnosis Of Cvt 125/150 Led Motorcycle Using Website Based Forward Chaining Method <p><em>Abstract-Over time, many people who previously did not use automatic motorbikes turned to automatic motorbike users because the way they were used was very easy and different from other types of motorbikes. Behind the easy way of using it, there are many problems that arise in automatic motor components, especially on the CVT. Not everyone understands the problem with the CVT. Some users prefer to take their motorbikes to both official and non-official workshops. So the development of an expert system, is a computer science that works like an expert. Forward Chaining method, a forward search method that begins with a fact will later produce a conclusion. The results show that an expert system for diagnosing automatic motorcycle damage using the forward chaining method helps users anticipate damage so that there will be no greater and sustainable damage.</em></p> Ahmad Muflih Ade Eviyanti Cindy Taurusta Copyright (c) 2023 Ahmad Muflih, Ade Eviyanty, Cindy Taurusta 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1346 Payroll Information System for SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo <p><em>A salary is a form of result in the form of money or goods given to individuals or groups. The payroll calculation system process that is currently running is still using the Microsoft Excel application. But now everything has developed rapidly, and with the existence of information technology, everything can be done more efficiently. Information technology has now grown very far and has begun to be widely applied by anyone and in any case, including the payroll system. The application of information technology to payroll can increase the effectiveness of the treasurer's performance in a school. SMP PGRI 16 Sidoarjo is one of the agencies that has not implemented information technology in the payroll sector, it became the basis for the formation of this information system.</em></p> Dimas Sya’aldi Pasa Ade Eviyanti Sumarno Sumarno Copyright (c) 2023 Dimas Sya’aldi Pasa, Ade Eviyanti, Sumarno Sumarno 2023-03-14 2023-03-14 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1375 Web-Based Monitoring Information System Project Administration (Case Study PT PJB Services) <p>PT PJB Services is a company engaged in power generation to provide operation and maintenance services for power generation units. In the process of carrying out its work, monitoring is needed, which is used for the benefit of project management so that the work carried out can be completed as expected so that employees can monitor the project's progress. The objectives of this study include facilitating the process of reporting project developments through the application website, minimizing errors in inputting monitoring updates in the project development process when data synchronization is carried out and integrating monitoring in the Niaga Project Division at PT PJB Services. In the development of this research, the researcher uses the BlackBox <strong>method</strong>, where the method is focused on the functionality side, especially on the input and output of the application; where this test is carried out at the end of making the application to find out whether the application can function correctly. <strong>The results</strong> obtained in this study are that the project administration monitoring information system can facilitate reporting of project administration monitoring data when needed and can assist in processing project data development and facilitate project monitoring in making decisions on project management.</p> Ivan Aries Rizaldy Suprianto Suprianto Copyright (c) 2022 Ivan Aries Rizaldy, Suprianto Suprianto 2022-12-30 2022-12-30 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1376 Paid Board Prototype With Monitoring Google Sheet <p>Many people prefer the money deposit box as a method of money storage even if there are many different types of useful places to do so. As a result, a Banknote Piggy Bank Prototype with Google Sheet Monitoring was created. a device that provides data on the amount of money saved. to use RFID as an access tool to scan ID cards. Three ID cards are included with this tool: a savings ID card, an unregistered ID card, and an ID card that may be used to withdraw money from savings accounts. The TCS34725 sensor is used in the design to read the money's nominal value and detect color. 20X4 LCD is being used as a display. can use a Wemos d1 small to monitor data after it has been saved and shown in a Google SpreadSheet. The piggy bank door lock employs a Servo Motor SG 90 for media, a Relay to start the motor, and an RTC Ds1307 to display the time and date. For use as a method of lowering the voltage in the system circuit is the LM2596 Regulator module. While the entire system needs an Arduino Microcontroller to be controlled.</p> Rakhmad Fajar Ashari Arief Wisaksono Indah Sulistiyowati Akhmad Ahfas Copyright (c) 2022 Rakhmad Fajar Ashari, Arief Wicaksono, Indah Sulistiyowati, Akhmad Ahfas 2022-12-20 2022-12-20 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1308 Charity Box Based Camera and Security System Internet Of Things and Telegram <p>Theft in a place of worship is a crime by stealing things that are not privately owned but public property<br>without permission and these activities are carried out from religious places such as mosques, churches and<br>monasteries. The theft of charity box funds is an interesting topic for some people and the mosque manager personally<br>in particular, considering that charity box funds are general funds intended for the renovation or purchase of mosque<br>needs and the needs of religious events. By using a microcontroller as an auxiliary component to monitor valuables.<br>This microcontroller control system can be used to secure charity box funds in any mosque equipped with a security<br>feature based on Selenoid door locks that can only be opened by ESP 32-CAM and using a vibration sensor will detect<br>shocks and a buzzer will sound. sounds like an alarm for Telegram to alert the Mosque management in the event of<br>the forced destruction of the charity box. So, looking at the source of the problem and technological developments as<br>happened before, it is very appropriate to use them to reduce the rampant theft in mosques. Therefore researchers<br>will design a tool, namely a camera system and security for charity boxes based on the internet of things and telegrams.</p> Imam Fahmi Udin Ma'ruf Jamaaluddin Izza Anshory Copyright (c) 2023 Imam Fahmi Udin Ma'ruf, Jamaaluddin, Izza Anshory 2023-02-02 2023-02-02 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1340 Selection Of Tomato Fruits by Color and Size Based on Arduino <p><em>Human life relies heavily on agriculture. To fulfill the needs of human life every day, the process of planting, land, and harvest is fast. Short time and limited power are challenges that farmers should face. Similarly, the problem faced by tomato farmers is that they should be sorting tomatoes based on their level of maturity. The tomato farmers should be sorted by maturity level. The issue is a system of tomato partitioning based on maturity level. The purpose of this research is to design a tool to build the maturity of tomato fruit using Arduino. The tools used are color sensors TCS3200, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic, servo motors, and DC motors. The sorting system is designed using the principle of detecting red green blue (RGB) values of tomato fruit using color sensors. After that, the next system streams the tomatoes to the container according to the level of the decline by opening and closing the portal that is connected to the servo motor. The Portal leads to a ripe container if the fruit is ripe and vice versa if raw fruit leads to a raw container. Results obtained that the sorting tool is able to give a success rate of 90% in distinguishing ripe tomatoes ready to harvest (basil) from raw fruit (green).</em></p> Faisal Baharudin Alamsah Syamsudduha Syahrorini Copyright (c) 2023 Faisal Baharudin Alamsah, Syamsudduha Syahrorini 2023-02-13 2023-02-13 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1345 Arduino Uno-based Brake Safety Design for Matic Motorcycles <p><em>Failed brakes are an event or damage to a motorized vehicle component that can cause an accident as well as be a life threat to the driver. There are several factors that can cause brake failure, including thin or worn brake pads, and clogged brake fluid hoses. The problem that often occurs is overheating in the brake system which causes brake failure (fading). Failed brake events are more common in hilly descent areas, these accidents make brake failure the second most common accident after driver negligence such as drowsiness. One of the efforts to prevent the failure of the brakes to occur is to make a brake safety system on an automatic Arduino Uno motorbike. The method applied includes planning, manufacturing, and testing of tools. This detector uses the DS18B20 sensor as input, Arduino uno as a microcontroller, 16 x 2 LCD as direct monitoring, and the output is an LED light and a buzzer. The working principle of this tool is that the temperature of the brake calipers has started to heat up, so the DS18B20 sensor works by generating data that will be displayed on the LCD, and when it reaches the temperature limit of 100 degrees Celsius at the same time the buzzer sounds and the LED light turns on and the water pump functions which will spray part of the system. braking. During the heating process, the temperature will be monitored via the LCD display on the vehicle. The test results of this tool will be affected by the hot temperature of the DS18B20 sensor.</em></p> M Sujanarko Jamaaluddin Jamaaluddin Copyright (c) 2023 M Sujanarko, Jamaaluddin Jamaaluddin 2023-02-16 2023-02-16 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1347 Google Sheet-based Monitoring of Screw Turbine Pico Hydro Power Plant on Masangan Wetan Village's River Flow <p><em>Developments continue to be made to meet the electricity needs of the people in Indonesia. Still, in dire need of electricity as a life support, the Pico hydro Power Plant (PLTPH) is a cheap alternative, the advantage of the water turbine is that it is environmentally friendly because it does not disturb the water ecosystem in the rivers that exist in every rural area. The method used by the author is to design a tool to measure the rotation of the generator, the power that comes out of the generator, and others. where the flow of water passes through the turbine lattice so that it moves the turbine shaft and produces electrical energy through a generator then electricity can be stored in the battery and can be used for the appropriate working voltage of 12VDC. In the charging process, reading is also carried out by the sensor, to detect the voltage and current which is then processed by the NodeMCU Esp 32 and then transmitted into the Google sheet.</em></p> Wildan Arief Prasetyo Arief Wisaksono Indah Sulistiyowati Copyright (c) 2023 Wildan Arief Prasetyo, Arief Wisaksono, Indah Sulistiyowati 2023-02-16 2023-02-16 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1348 Web-Based Application Of Population Services In Keboharan Village, Krian – Sidoarjo <p><em>The resident service is obliged to provide protection and recognition of the personal status and legal status of every population event. For this reason, every important event requires every valid evidence to be administered and recorded in accordance with the provisions of the law. Population matters relating to the number of structures, gender, religion, birth, marriage, pregnancy, death, and the quality of the political economy, social, and culture. Population and important events require valid evidence for administration and recording in accordance with the provisions of the law. Population administration is defined as services in the population sector provided by government and non-government officials from the central level to the village or sub-district level, RW and RT. In population administration services, government and non-government officials provide services such as arranging marriage permits, applying for ID cards, certificates, and family cards, and other residence documents.</em></p> Amwalinsanu Amwalinsanu Hindarto Hindarto Copyright (c) 2023 Amwalinsanu Amwalinsanu, Hindarto Hindarto 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1351 Expert System for Diagnosing Cow Disease Using Web-Based Forward Chaining Method <h3><em>Media Technology and Information is currently developing quite quickly and well. Some people and even almost all of the surrounding community are familiar with technology, especially in the science of artificial intelligence. With this expert system, it can help alleviate the need when it is difficult to meet experts, especially livestock specialist diseases. The purpose and benefits of this expert system is to make it easier for researchers to identify livestock disease problems based on the symptoms suffered by cattle. The identification method used in this system is the Forward Chaining Method and collects symptom data from several sources and verified journals. The desired result of this research is the reduction of disease or outbreaks that occur in Livestock Cattle </em></h3> <h3><em>and provide prevention and treatment solutions so as not to be attacked by diseases and outbreaks..</em></h3> Mohammad Rizal Ma'ruf Ade Eviyanti Copyright (c) 2023 Mohammad Rizal Ma'ruf, Ade Eviyanti 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1361 Web-Based Household Cash Finance Application <p><em>Regulating financial management has become a problem that will be faced by every adult human being. To be able to manage finances well, every individual needs to learn to understand the design of cash inflows and outflows as a design of needs and wants. To make it easier to make this financial plan, various tools have been created. In this modern era, an application has become familiar among everyone. To make this application, there needs to be a research first. And after getting the results of the analysis, it was identified that with use that includes a small scale, the application should be simple and easy to use. With various basic features such as recording cash in, recording cash out and the most important is monthly reports that can be monitored. Applications for programming are sublime text 3, Xampp and databases from MySQL. This application runs on a web base so that it can be run universally by every individual.</em></p> Ach Nur Ardyansyah Hindarto Hindarto Copyright (c) 2023 Ach Nur Ardyansyah, Hindarto Hindarto 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1363 Design And Build Electric Trolly To Accelerate The Distribution Of Goods In The Warehouse <p><em>Using manual trolly because it takes a long time and is quite draining. The purpose of this study is to make a breakthrough tool that can help in the process of distributing goods in the warehouse so as to make time more efficient and not drain so much energy that the employee expends.</em> <em>In the manufacture of this electric trolly there are 2 methods, namely the first in making this trolly design can be climbed by the trolly driver The second method of this trolly moves with a 24V dc motor and there is a load cell sensor so that the trolly user can know the weight of the goods transported by this trolly then there is an infrared sensor to read the rotation of the trolly wheel and the reading results of the loadcell and infrared sensor are managed by the arduino microcontroller. From the results of the research, this tool runs according to its function, which is to be able to assist the work of employees in distributing goods in the warehouse so that it can make work time more efficient.</em></p> Ali Imron Izza Anshory Copyright (c) 2023 Ali Imron, Izza Anshory 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1366 Design of Pesticide Sprayers and Solar Lawn Mowers <p><em>Pesticide sprayer for farmers is a tool that is needed for farmers in the fields and in the fields until now, but in its use, farmers still feel complaints about the use of pesticide sprayers that still use the manual method. these complaints are tools that are less ergonomic and are still outdated and also when farmers want to cut grass sometimes it is very complicated to carry sickles and also when cutting grass. The purpose of this research is to assemble a pesticide sprayer and lawn mower with appropriate solar energy. with farmers' needs and to find out how efficient this tool is for farmers. The result of this study is a modified working system, especially for pesticide sprayers, where a 12 Volt DC motor as a substitute for human power and a lawn mower also uses a 12 Volt DC motor as a blade driver and for power uses solar energy which requires solar cells or solar panels and then stored into Battre or battery . The total cost of making this tool is around IDR 700,000.00</em></p> Bimo Agressianto Izza Anshory Copyright (c) 2023 Bimo Agressianto, Izza Anshory 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1365 The Effect of Gracilaria verrucosa Seaweed Flour Proportion with White Glutinous Rice Flour (Oryza sativa Glutinosa) and CMC (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) Concentration on Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Seaweed Dodol <p><em>Gracillaria verrucosa seaweed is one type of agar-producing red algae (agarophyte) that has the potential to be developed because it can be cultivated in polyculture in ponds together with shrimp and crab rearing.&nbsp; Gracillaria verrucosa seaweed is usually used as a raw material for making gelatin, but it would be better to develop it in its processing so that it can produce products that have better economic value and nutritional value by utilizing Gracillaria verrucosa seaweed, and one of these preparations is dodol.&nbsp; This study used factorial RAK (Randomized Block Design) which was repeated 3 times, with the first factor being the proportion of Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed flour with white glutinous rice flour (P) 75%: 25%, 50%: 50%, and 25%:&nbsp; 75%.&nbsp; The second factor is the concentration of CMC (K) 2%, 4%, and 6%.&nbsp; The data were analyzed using analysis of variance and then continued with the BNJ test (Honest Significant Difference) at 5% level. The best treatment was obtained in the P3K3 treatment (the proportion of Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed flour with white glutinous rice flour 75%: 25% and CMC concentration 6%) with&nbsp; color profile L (lightness) 43.1;&nbsp; color profile *a (redness) 4.9;&nbsp; color profile *b (yellowness) 10.6;&nbsp; 1.66N texture water content 37.40%;&nbsp; free fatty acid content of 0.28%;&nbsp; reducing sugar content 0.4%;&nbsp; antioxidant activity 368.6 g/</em><em>ml</em><em>. </em></p> Dieo Riezma Elfahira Lukman Hudi Syarifa Ramadhani Nurbaya Copyright (c) 2022 Dieo Riezma Elfahira, Lukman Hudi, Syarifa Ramadhani Nurbaya 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 3 10.21070/pels.v3i1.1304 The Effect of Gracilaria verrucosa Seaweed Flour Proportion with White Glutinous Rice Flour (Oryza sativa Glutinosa) and CMC (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) Concentration on Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Seaweed Dodol <p><em>This study used a factorial randomized block design. The first factor is the proportion of Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed flour with white glutinous rice flour (P): (P1) 75%:25%, (P2) 50%:50%, and (P3)25%:75%, the second factor is concentration of CMC (K): (K1) 2%, (K2) 4%, and (K3) 6%. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance, followed by the BNJ test (Honest Significant Difference) at 5% level, and the organoleptic test was analyzed using the Friedman test. The best treatment was obtained in the P3K3 treatment (proportion of Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed flour with white glutinous rice flour 75%: 25% and CMC concentration 6%) with color L (lightness) 43.1; *a (redness) 4.9; *b (yellowness) 10.6; 1.66N texture; water content 37.40%; free fatty acid content of 0.28%; reducing sugar content 0.4%; and antioxidant activity 368.6 </em><em>μ</em><em>g/ml.</em></p> Dieo Riezma Elfahira Lukman Hudi Syarifa Ramadhani Nurbaya Copyright (c) 2023 Dieo Riezma Elfahira, Lukman Hudi, Syarifa Ramadhani Nurbaya 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1355 Mitigation of Enterprise Supply Chain by Integrating Fine-Kinney Method And Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) <p>PT. VUB is engaged in construction manufacturing which is under the auspices of PT. Semen Indonesia Beton which will then be sent to retailers or distributors throughout Indonesia. The problem faced today is that companies often experience out of stock due to the fluctuating number of requests and inappropriate raw material planning that hampers the production process. This study aims to identify risky activity factors, plan appropriate strategies to minimize risk factors that occur in the company and provide solutions that can improve supply chain performance. The method used in supply chain risk mitigation at PT. VUB BM plant Pandaan is Fine-Kinney which aims to expose the value of risk factors based on the level of impact of the severity of the risk, and the solution uses the Anaytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method as a determinant of the weight of risk mitigation strategies in the supply chain. From the results of risk identification at PT. VUB BM Pandaan was found that the highest risk occurred in the variable lack of K3 implementation in the production process with a risk rating value of 420 which has a very high risk factor because it can cause work accidents to employees. And the results of risk analysis with the criteria of raw material suppliers, production processes and distributors using the AHP method obtained 7 alternative supply chain risk mitigation strategies. With this research, it is hoped that it can help companies to reduce the risk of the company's supply chain.</p> Steve Fany Amalia Haque Hana Catur Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2022 Steve Fany Amalia Haque, Hana Catur Wahyuni 2022-12-20 2022-12-20 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1307 Productivity Measurement Analysis Using American Productivity Center and Root Cause Analysis Method <p><em>. </em><em>PT Variasi Usaha Beton plant Pandaan in the mineral sector (BG) is one of the subsidiaries of PT Semen Indonesia Beton is engaged in the downstream industry of cement products. In production activities at PT Variasi Usaha Beton plant Pandaan in the mineral sector (BG) measures productivity by using the calculation of machine capacity per hour with units of tons per hour on the utility tool. With this calculation, the company only knows whether the company's production target has been achieved, but does not know the number of increases and decreases in productivity and profitability in the company. Given these problems, it is necessary to make systematic efforts through the measurement of overall productivity which consists of input costs of materials, labor, energy utilities, and capital using the American productivity center method and the root cause analysis method to determine the increase and decrease in productivity and profitability to determine actions. improvements to increase profits for the company. From the research results can be seen the value of productivity and profitability of PT Variasi Usaha Beton plant Pandaan business fluctuates up and down which is not constant. In the November period, productivity decreased in labor, raw materials, and energy inputs, while capital inputs experienced a decline in the February period. Meanwhile, the value of profitability experienced a decline in labor and capital inputs in the period of February, May, August, October, November, and December. For other month periods, it has increased. With these problems, companies need to stabilize and increase productivity by measuring, evaluating, and planning.</em></p> Pungky Wulandari Hana Catur Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2022 Pungky Wulandari, Hana Catur Wahyuni 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1305 Implementation of Interactive Digital Marketing with the 7P Marketing Concept to Increase Customer Interest on Fly Ash and Bottom Ash Products at PT PJB UP Paiton <p><em>This research was conducted to find out the results that customers are interested in before and after the implementation of conventional marketing and digital marketing methods for fly ash and bottom ash products at PT PJB UP Paiton. The method used in this study is quantitative with a validity test and simple linear regression analysis which is supported by the results of the SPSS experiment. The results of this study indicate that the factors that influence digital marketing customer interest at PT PJB UP Paiton are promotion factors through social media and the application of the 7P Marketing concept namely price, promotion, place, people, and physical evidence which have a positive and significant effect. Now by implementing promotions through social media, PT PJB UP Paiton spends not so much money and gets quite a lot of customer interest and a wide reach. </em></p> Alfiansyah Syam Hidayatullah Trismawati Trismawati Yustina Suhandini Tjahjaningsih Copyright (c) 2022 Alfiansyah Syam Hidayatullah, Trismawati Trismawati, Yustina Suhandini Tjahjaningsih 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1311 Analysis of Cup Printing Quality Control Using Statistical Process Control Methods and Human Reliability Assessment (Case Study: PT Indo Ceria Plastic Printing) <p><em>This research was conducted at PT Indo Ceria Plastic Printing aims to determine the main cause of defective cup printing and to reduce product defects in the production process. Based on the problems faced by the company, namely the high percentage of cup printing defects which eventually led to more and more reject cup printing rates, even the problem of passing the defective cup being sent to the customer’s hands, which made the customer complain about the problem of the number of bad product quality being sent so that they finally submitted a returned product. Therefore, quality control efforts are carried out on cup printing products to find the cause of the defect and find a solution to repair it. The research methods used in solving the problems that occur at PT Indo Ceria Plastic Printing is to use Statistical Process Control methods and Human Reliability Assessment. From the result of research conducted, it is known that the biggest cause of defect in cup printing products is “defect awal start”. From the results of meaning employee performance, the largest HEP value was found, namely, the type of possible error is “pengisian tinta pada mesin” which was 0,6324. So, this factor was the dominant one that resulted in defects and must be repaired immediately.&nbsp;</em></p> Moch Imam Andreansyah Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2022 Moch Imam Andreansyah, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2022-12-26 2022-12-26 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1315 Productivity Analysis Using Pospac Method And Performance Prism At Pt Petrokopindo Cipta Selaras <p>PT. PCS is an industry that supplies organic fertilizer products. In production activities at PT. PCS only<br>calculates productivity from the efficiency of raw material costs, fuel cost efficiency, and profit from sales. And the<br>performance measurement system at PT. PCS has not displayed optimal industrial performance, from company<br>leaders, employees or workers, to suppliers or suppliers. With these problems, it is necessary to measure and improve<br>to minimize the decline in productivity, and also to improve the performance of the company's stakeholders at PT.<br>PCS. To find out which month the dominant increase and decrease from the results of the level and productivity index<br>can use the POSPAC method and use the performance prism method to analyze the company's performance for each<br>stakeholder. With this, it can determine the weight of the smallest value of the measurement specification based on<br>the POSPAC indicator of the achievement of KPIs. From the results of the study, it can be seen that the increase in<br>the results of the level and productivity index in 2019-2020 was dominant in August, while for the decline in the results<br>of the level and productivity index in 2019-2020, it was dominant in October and November. Meanwhile, from the<br>results obtained in the elaboration of measurement specifications based on POSPAC indicators from KPI<br>achievements, including the percentage of workers who are satisfied and comfortable with the work environment, the<br>percentage of estimated time to find the cause of the problem, the percentage of product shortages and excess stock,<br>the level of employee ability, the percentage of complaints bill payments. With these problems from the PT.<br>Petrokopindo Cipta Selaras can implement a productivity measurement system using the POSPAC method, and<br>evaluate each performance indicator with a performance prism on a regular basis.</p> Anjasmoro Bagas Prastyo Wiwik Sulistiyowati Copyright (c) 2022 Anjasmoro Bagas Prastyo, Wiwik Sulistiyowati 2022-12-27 2022-12-27 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1316 Optimization of Dynamix Cement Inventory Planning with Tsukamoto's Fuzzy Inventory Method at PT TRACK <h3>In 2021, PT TRACK has an average Dynamix Cement inventory of 1,488 sacks/month and the highest inventory can reach 2,240 sacks. The high inventory capacity has an impact on inventory capacity that exceeds the maximum inventory limit (overload). This study aims to determine the optimal amount of Dynamix Cement inventory at PT TRACK so that it does not cause inventory overload. The method used is Fuzzy Inventory Control Tsukamoto. Several stages carried out in this research include (a) forming Fuzzy sets, (b) forming rules (c) inference, and (d) affirmation (defuzzification). The results of this study showed that the optimal supply of Semen Dynamix at PT TRACK in the period December 2020 to December 2021 was 1350 sacks, 1480 sacks, 1300 sacks, 1290 sacks, 1300 sacks, 1350 sacks, 1370 sacks, 1490 sacks, 1790 sacks, 1510 sacks, 1280 sacks, 1300 sacks, and 1320 sacks. Based on the estimated inventory of PT TRACK's Dynamix Cement, the total inventory of Dynamix Cement in the next period using the Tsukamoto Fuzzy Inventory method is 1380 sacks.</h3> Gusti Nurina Azhariani Tedjo Sukmono Copyright (c) 2022 Gusti Nurina Azhariani, Tedjo Sukmono 2022-12-27 2022-12-27 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1317 Analysis Of Machine Maintenance Using Markov Chain Method For Reducing Maintenance Cost <p>PT. Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia, Tbk. (SPINDO Unit IV) is a company engaged in manufacturing welding spiral pipe production. In 2021 there was an increase in maintenance costs compared to 2020, which in 2020 amounted to Rp 3.051.800.000 to Rp 3.299.400.000 in 2021, which mean an increase of Rp 247.600.000 or 8%. Based on those problems, the purpose of this study is to determine the policies that should implemented to reduce maintenace costs. The method used is markov chain method. By using the markov chain method, it can be determined the best policy that can lead to lower maintenance costs, whether preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance. So that the company can determine the best maintenance policy for the future. The result obtained from using the markov chain method for this research are that the results can saving of Rp 680.000.000 compared to initial maintenace costs.</p> Setya Adi Pratama Boy Isma Putra Copyright (c) 2022 Setya Adi Pratama, Boy Isma Putra 2022-12-28 2022-12-28 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1320 Quality Control Analysis To Reduce Product Defects With The Lean Six Sigma Method And Fault Tree Analysis <p><em>This research was conducted at UD. SI in order to control the quality of plastic rack products by applying the lean six sigma method and fault tree analysis. This method is often applied when a problem occurs because it is effective as a data processing method and analyzes a major failure and finds the cause of a defect in the production process in controlling product quality and improving quality in the company. </em><em>This research uses Lean Six Sigma and Fault Tree Analysis methods. This data retrieval is done by using primary data and secondary data. Primary data was obtained through observation, interviews with employees and staff in the production department, while secondary data was obtained from the company when conducting research. From the results of the study that for perforated shelves, the error rate achieved can be seen in the pareto diagram where there are three types, namely perforated shelves, crinkled shelves and thin shelves where the causative factors of the product can be seen in the fault tree analysis method, namely humans and machines as well as recommendation for improvement by monitoring and checking as well as operators at the time of production as well as conducting strict product quality checks which are expected to minimize repeated repetitions.</em></p> Muchammad Yusuf Muchsinin Wiwik Sulistiyowati Copyright (c) 2022 Muchammad Yusuf Muchsinin, Wiwik Sulistiyowati 2023-01-04 2023-01-04 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1323 Application of Quality Control using Six Sigma and Taguchi Method on UMKM Kerupuk Tahu Bangil in Pandemic Period (Case Study: UD. Sanusi) <p><em>Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Tofu Crackers UD Sanusi is one of the companies engaged in the MSME sector. The products produced are tofu crackers which are marketed and productive economic efforts carried out by one of the people in the Bangil area whose place is on Jl. Gen. Sudirman. diet. Pogar. district. Bangil. Pasuruan. East Java 67153. Activities of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Tofu Crackers UD Sanusi is one way for creative products to be known among the public. With the obstacles experienced by UD Sanusi's MSMEs during the pandemic, namely there were problems regarding the quality of defective products from tofu crackers during production, namely tofu crackers that were charred, tough, easily crushed, and the size of the crackers was different. Limited human resources are also one of the serious obstacles for SMEs, which are needed to maintain or improve product quality, increase efficiency and productivity in production.<br></em><em>With these challenges, it is necessary to make systematic efforts through quality improvement, using the method used in research for quality improvement, namely six sigma, to determine the factors that affect product defects and the Taguchi method to improve the quality of the product.<br></em><em>From the results obtained in the analysis of the hypothesis, it is known that the combination of factors that have a significant effect on the average and quality variance of tofu crackers is the same, namely flour at level 1 of 95 kg, flavoring at level 1 of 85 kg, kneading at level 1 of about 15 minutes, and drying at level 3 about 4 hours. Thus, the optimal combination of factors proved to be able to increase the average and quality variability of tofu crackers.</em></p> Rizandy Bima Erlangga Hana Catur Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2023 Rizandy Bima Erlangga, Hana Catur Wahyuni 2023-01-07 2023-01-07 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1331 Analysis of Environmental Impact on Fertilizer Industry Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Method <p><em>Based on observations made at PT. Petrokopindo Cipta Selaras, the company releases a number of substances during the organic fertilizer production process. The method used to analyze the environmental impact produced by PT. Petrokopindo Cipta Selaras is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method. This method was chosen because by using this method a mechanism can be carried out to analyze and take into account the total environmental impact of a product in a production process. This research was conducted to determine the magnitude of the resulting environmental impact and then determine alternative improvements using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. It is known that the distribution process is the process that produces the largest environmental impact with the magnitude of 173200616 tons of CO2 and 14672.67214 tons of SO2. And the alternative improvement in the selected distribution process is to replace the trucks with a capacity of 8 tons to 50 tons to reduce the impact on the environment in the distribution process. </em></p> Maulana Akbar Abdilah Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Maulana Akbar Abdilah, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-01-07 2023-01-07 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1332 Strategy to Increase The Company’s Production by Integrating the Craig-Harris Productivity Method and Competitive Positioning Analysis <p><em>The production process on CV. SPN is inseparable from a decrease in production, the company experienced a production decline of 70% in 2020 and in 2021, this study aims to determine the level of total productivity in the company and can develop the company's position in the market and build products that are trusted by consumers. this research was conducted using the Craig-Harris productivity method. This method was used to determine total productivity and competitive positioning analysis was used to determine the company's position in a market. The results of the productivity measurement obtained, in 2019 the productivity value got the highest value of 20.57, but in 2021 has the lowest value of 17.08. then it can be seen that the company has a business development strategy by relying on the quality of its products, in data processing with SWOT obtained internal and external variables are in quadrant 1 and the company must use the S-O strategy</em></p> Mohammad Yahya Alvi Habibillah Hana Catur Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2023 Mohammad Yahya Alvi Habibillah, Hana Catur Wahyuni 2023-01-07 2023-01-07 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1333 Production Facility Layout Redesign Using Systematic Layout Planning And Blocplan Methods <p><em>Layout of production facilities in CV. Jaya Rubber Industry was identified as less than optimal. The placement of production facilities that are less than optimal causes the distance between several departments to be far apart, for example in the cutting section to the molding section, the molding section to the trimming section and also the QC and packing sections to the finished goods warehouse. It was also found that intersecting material flows can cause backtracking, for example between molding to trimming and packing to the finished goods warehouse. These problems can result in the production process being less effective and efficient. This research combines two methods, namely systematic layout planning and blocplan methods. The systematic layout planning and Blocplan methods have several stages in planning the layout. This method is believed to be able to solve various problems that exist within the company such as production flow, transportation, warehousing, assembly and others. This method was chosen because the current industrial conditions require adjustments in the preparation of a good layout. The results of this study obtained a layout from the blocplan method which was chosen as the proposed layout with a total displacement distance of 44.25 with a decrease in distance of 23.75 m from the initial distance, with an efficiency level of 34% which was able to improve the flow of the production process for the better.</em></p> Mukhammad Hasan Bisri Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Mukhammad Hasan Bisri, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1349 Production Scheduling Analysis To Minimize Inject–Blow Production Makespan on PT.XYZ Using Differential Evolution Algorithm Method <p><em>This study discusses the problem of job-shop scheduling at one of the well-known mineral water companies in Indonesia. This company produces a number of products in several types with different routes from each other. However, in reality, the effectiveness of production lies in the range of 54.8%–69.2%, so it is still far from running time production where the expected target is 80% for inject and 90% for blow. Where production scheduling is a complex problem so it takes the right method to get the optimal solution for these problems.</em> <em>The research method used is the differential evolution algorithm method, where this method aims to minimize the makespan value (total completion time of all jobs) on the job-shop production route so as to obtain optimal scheduling results and improve the existing system.</em> <em>Scheduling obtained through the differential evolution algorithm method produces a makespan value of x minutes, while the company's schedule has a makespan value of y minutes. So that the proposed scheduling results in a decrease of x% compared to company scheduling.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Dzati Fauziyah Tedjo Sukmono Copyright (c) 2023 Dzati Fauziyah, Tedjo Sukmono 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1350 Finished Paint Warehouse Re-Layout Using Slp and Shared Storage Methods to Minimize Material Handling Costs <p><em>Re-Layout</em> finished paint warehouse use method <em>Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) </em>and <em>Shared Storage</em> could reduce wastage caused by layout lack of facilities max, for example distance long distance cause fare <em>material handling</em> Becomes big and heaps or paint arrangement that is not efficient.From result study Re - <em>layout </em>done use method <em>Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) </em>and <em>Shared Storage </em>obtained results efficiency as much as 59.74% of distance initial 25,967 m to 10,452 m after use <em>layout</em> proposal and that take effect to results fare <em>material handling</em> every company month can spend Rp. 5,959.99.12 for <em>layout</em> beginning be Rp. 2,817,056.32 per month after use proposal <em>layout</em> so that can save as much as 52.27%</p> Riqi Hidayatulloh Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Riqi Hidayatulloh, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1354 Canteen Food Waste Reduction Strategies Using the Life Cycle Assessment Method <p><em>Food waste is a global issue which is currently the center of attention of the world community. Starting from developing countries to developed countries trying to solve the problem of food waste that occurs in the country. As is well known, the amount of food waste or food waste is increasing every day, both from industry and households or restaurants, in Sidoarjo alone can produce as much as 2,400 tons of waste per day with 116 TPSTs, which can only manage 600 tons of waste per day. well managed. Part of the waste consists of leftover food and vegetables from restaurant and industrial including wastefood waste ,from a company canteen. For large companies with thousands of employees, food scraps will definitely pile up every day. Therefore, this study aims to find a strategy to reduce food waste in the company canteen. In order to produce output that is in line with expectations, it must be used an appropriate method. The method used in this research is the LCA (Method life Cycle Assessment)which can help to solve problems, find the cause and effect of the main problem widely. LCA is a method used to analyze potential environmental impacts arising from an activity, by reducing the use of raw materials and transportation, implementing pollution control, reducing environmental emissions and utilizing waste. In this research, the result is Waste percentage is the percent of product loss caused in cooking, trimming, portioning or cleaning. With the normal limit of the waste percentage generated by a restaurant or canteen is 37-41%, PT. ECCO is still on the normal threshold with a percentage of 39%.</em></p> Fajar Mochammad Ichwan Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Fajar Mochammad Ichwan; Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1356 Forecasting the Amount of Blood Storage Using the Support Vector Machine (Svm) Method <p>Blood transfusion is a process of sending or transferring blood to another place and the task is delegated to the PMI Blood Donation Unit with several tasks including; deployment and preservation of blood donors, provision and processing of blood, and distribution of blood to health agencies. However, the supply and demand from health agencies have a significant difference. The difference for each blood group is very large, in group O deficiency by 28%, in group A deficiency by 38%, in group B excess by 28%, and in group AB deficiency by 84%. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to estimate the demand for blood that will occur in the future period. One of the tools that can answer this problem is demand forecasting and what will be used in this study is forecasting using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method. This SVM method is a relatively new machine learning-based technique for making predictions, both used in classification and regression cases. The result of this study obtained good MAPE values, namely in blood group O is 14%, in blood group A is 15%, in blood group B is 13%, and in blood type AB is 24%.</p> Novi Prastyanda Putra Pratama Tedjo Sukmono Copyright (c) 2023 Novi Prastyanda Putra Pratama, Tedjo Sukmono 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1359 Analysis of Work System Design to Increase Production Productivity Using the MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) Method (Case Study of PT. Segar Murni Utama) <p><em>PT. Segar Murni Utama is a company engaged in the mineral water industry, especially the production of MOJO TRAS demineralized water. PT. Segar Murni Utama introduces demineralized water products widely and is marketed among the general public to meet the needs of the community. This company prioritizes the quality of demineralized water very well.The purpose of this study was to optimize the production operator time for the cup section and optimize the packing process time for the cup section using the MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence of Technique) method. MOST (Maynard Operation Sequence Tecnique) is one of several ways of timing sub-operations or movements. The BEST method includes basic sort patterns.The results of this study in the cup production operator section showed that the right hand and left hand maps were known to have 8 activities, and 8 activities on the process flow map. The total time is 1410, the normal time (WN) is 0.85 minutes, the standard time (WS) is 0.017 hours, the standard output (OS) is 59 cartons/hour, and the final calculation result is 413 cartons/day. While the results of improvements in the packing cup section obtained the following results: Right hand and left hand maps are known to have 11 activities, and 11 activities on the process flow map. The total time is 2110, the normal time (WN) is 1.26 minutes, the standard time (WS) is 0.023 hours, the standard output (OS) is 43 cartons/hour, and the final calculation result is 301 cartons/day.</em></p> Ifan Wahyu Pranata Dewantara Boy Isma Putra Copyright (c) 2023 Ifan Wahyu Pranata Dewantara, Boy Isma Putra 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1358 Risk Mitigation Strategy In Chicken Distribution System Integration Methodsix Sigma, Root Cause Analysis Dan Swot <p><em>PT. Behaestex Pandaan is a textile company engaged in the manufacture of Muslim clothing, especially woven sarongs. Weaving sarongs made with ATBM (Not Machine Weaving Equipment) provide the best quality. On the other hand PT. Behaestex Pandaan has provided the best quality but lacks efficiency in terms of factory layout. This research seeks to help make a design proposal for the placement of work stations in order to aim at minimizing the total moment and distance of material transfer due to the condition of the work station having a total moment and distance of movement that is less effective and efficient. This study uses the method of Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) and Blockplan. There are alternative layouts that are possible and then selected to determine the most effective alternative based on the lowest total moment and material displacement distance. In the Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) and Blockplan methods there will be a comparison that can determine the effectiveness of the 2 methods. The Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method has more granular factors such as workflow and qualitative considerations, while Blockplan is automated only considers a few factors regardless of the current workflow. From the results of this study can find solutions to the problems experienced by PT. Behaestex Pandaan about the proposed layout by comparing the results of the SLP and Blockplan methods so that it can find out the total moment and and distance of material transfer which is more effective and efficient at PT. Behaestex Pandaan.</em></p> Mochammad Rizal Wiwik Sumarmi Ribangun Bambang Copyright (c) 2023 Mochammad Rizal, Wiwik Sumarmi, Ribangun Bambang 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1360 The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Body Mass Index with Work Fatigue in Male Production Workers at PT. Moya Kasri Wira East Java <p><em>From the results of initial observations at PT Moya Kasri Wira Jatim in the process of setting the quality target of ice blocks, so that the workforce working in the company must meet the</em> <em>targets. Of the 26 male workers we interviewed experienced fatigue. This is due to the demands of targets that must be met and workers work in a less conducive physical environment, namely a lot of dust that can harm breathing,</em><em> and</em><em> working at temperatures high enough so that workers sweat a lot.</em><em> This study used observational analytics that aimed to see the relationship between Fatigue with Body Mass Index (BMI) and Sleep Quality. The result indicates that there is significant corelation between BMI and fatigue with significance value p=0,030 &lt; α (0,05), and also there is significant relationship between sleeping quality and work fatigue with significance value p = 0,008 &lt; α (0,05). So, it is concluded that there is corelation between sleeping quality and BMI with work fatigue.</em></p> Fajar Alifka Hadi Boy Isma Putra Copyright (c) 2023 Fajar Alifka Hadi, Boy Isma Putra 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1362 The Effect Of Service Quality, Product Quality And Store Atmosphere On Customer Satisfaction <p><em>The food service business is a business that continues to grow and the competition is tight, in this case Rosella Coffee 1.1, which is one of the providers of the food service business, must develop and compete in a healthy and strong manner. Based on observations made by Rosella Coffee 1.1 which has a new operational time of almost 1 (one) year, Rosella Coffee 1.1 needs to conduct at least a survey of customers regarding the services provided, because the income received is still quite small and the recording of income is still not maintained on data- the data. This study aims to determine how the influence of service quality, product quality, and store atmosphere on customer satisfaction at Rosella Coffee 1.1.</em> <em>The method used is quantitative using a survey which has 140 respondents using purposive sampling technique and the questionnaire is the main data. The analysis of this research uses the SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) method which is a statistical analysis technique to build and test models in the form of cause-and-effect relationships.The results of this study indicate that there is an effect of service quality on customer satisfaction with a CR value of 2.582 and p 0.010. Meanwhile, product quality has no effect on customer satisfaction with CR values ​​of 0,000 and p 1,000. And store atmosphere has an influence on customer satisfaction with a CR value of 3.896 and p 0.000. </em></p> Mochammad Rizal Arifin Athika Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Mochammad Rizal Arifin, Athika Sidhi Cahyana 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1369 Analysis Of Physical And Mental Workload Using Nasa-Tlx And Cvl Methods In Umkm Berkah Toys <p>Berkah Toys is one of the UMKM engaged in the production of surpets, dolls. mattresses and pillows that utilize HDP (High Density Padding) and dakron (Silicon) as the main raw materials. When sales are rising, UMKM owners will apply an excessive overtime policy, resulting in a decrease in the worker attendance rate by 20%, which is as many as 2-3 workers out of a total of 13 workers. In addition to resulting in decrease in attendance, excessive overtime also causes fatigue in workers, both physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Therefore, workload strengthening must be carried out on UMKM workers of Berkah Toys, the methods used are the NASA-TLX (National Aeronautics and Space Task Load Index) and CVL (Cardiovascular Load) methods. From the results of research conducted for the NASA-TLX methods, the factors that most affect workload are performance (22,32%) and physical needs (21,64%) while from the CVL method it is known that there are 38 % of workers who experience physical fatigue, namly as many as 5 production workers.</p> Muhammad Kelvin Alfindo Boy Isma Putra Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Kelvin Alfindo, Boy Isma Putra 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1367 Proposed Layout Design of Production Facilities Using Group Technology To Improve Utility <p><em>PT. Behaestex Pandaan is a textile industry company in the field of weaving sarong products, at PT. This Behaestex Pandaan needs to regulate the placement of work stations with the aim that there is no unnecessary distance between two adjacent work stations due to unused space and the placement of work stations that affect the relationship of the production process. The method used is using rank order clustering (ROC) and process layout was chosen because as the best production floor layout design proposal that can be used for improvement at PT. Behaestex Pandaan.method Rank order clustering to provide displacement moments to improve the effectiveness of material flow.method Process layout for the preparation and placement of machines or production materials that have a similar model in one division. From the results of this study, it is proposed to be able to find out the best production floor layout proposal and the moment of its displacement, with the results of the initial layout being 16593316.22 meters every year, then using the process layout with the results of 6004001.39 meters every year, and the ROC method with a layout of 5314395.1 meters every year.</em></p> Dimas Wahyu Fahturrohman Wiwik Sumarni Copyright (c) 2023 Dimas Wahyu Fahturrohman, Wiwik Sumarni 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1364 Product Quality Control In CV XYZ Using Seven Tools and Quality Control Circle <p><em>In the industrial world, competition for technological advances and marketing strategies is a very big thing, with the level of In this competition, business people are required to always innovate and implement the best strategies to improve product quality or quality. The purpose of this study was to identify the most dominant product defects of the active speaker production process at CV. XYZ. The method used is Seven Tools and Quality Control Circle (QCC) to identify and evaluate the potential failure of the product in CV.&nbsp; XYZ. the Quality Control Circle (QCC) method by applying the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) and with the Seven Tools (Stratification, Histogram Graph, Pareto Chart, Cause-Effect Diagram, Control Graph). The results of the study indicate that the known factors causing product defects that can be seen from fishbone are humans, machines, materials, environment, and methods and provide suggestions for improvements that are implemented using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) which can minimize the occurrence of defects. repeated. </em></p> Priyo Sambodo Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Priyo Sambodo, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1371 Laundry Productivity Improvement Strategy with Objective Matrix (OMAX) and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Methods at PT Surabaya Laundry Sentosa <p><em>In increasing the productivity of the company, we do so not only by working harder but also by working smarter. The company's success in increasing productivity will greatly support its competitiveness in the market. This decrease can be seen in the product results of items whose laundry is not clean. The results of laundry that is less tidy can be seen in the results of laundry that usually can produce 2000 jeans per day but now can only produce 1500 jeans. There are five customers in the company, which are Emba Jeans, Lea Jeans, Hugo Jeans, Cardinal, and Lois. They are upset because the production process is taking longer and longer. The method used in this research is the integration of the objective matrix method and the analytical hierarchy process. The objective matrix method was chosen because it has a measurement system concept that combines several workgroup performance criteria in a matrix. The analytical hierarchy process was used because, with this method, existing problems are solved in an organized way, which can be shown to make effective decisions about the problem. From the results of the research, it is hoped that the improvement of the strategy will increase productivity with the Objective Matrix (OMAX) and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method used by the company to implement the method.</em></p> Mohammad Diki Setiawan Hana Catur Wahyuni Copyright (c) 2023 Mohammad Diki Setiawan, Hana Catur Wahyuni 2023-03-02 2023-03-02 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1373 Maintenance Service Cost Emphasize Dump Truck Volvo FMX 440 at PT Iwaco Jaya Abadi Site Kideco <p><em>Maintenance is a series of activities to keep facilities and equipment in a ready-to-use state to carry out production effectively and efficiently according to a predetermined schedule and based on standards. In this research, the author emphasizes the cost of maintenance service and the use of Petronas SAE 15W-40 engine oil on the VOLVO FMX 440, Dump truck unit, which is carried out according to service intervals, namely every 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 hours. The research method used is preventive maintenance which in this method prevents damage to the unit in operation by scheduling routine maintenance. In this method, replace components so that the unit's life can be longer, and minimize damage. This study aims to emphasize the cost of replacing and using Petronas SAE 15W-40 engine oil on the VOLVO FMX 440 Dump Truck unit which is claimed to last up to 500 hours of operation, so that engine oil changes in 250 hours and 750 hours do not need to be replaced with engine oil, but by replacing the Oil engine every 500 hours of operation, it can save service costs which initially amounted to Rp. 639,104,145.00/year to Rp. 578,472,585.00/year, and for the use of an oil engine in one year which was initially Rp. 126.755,080.00 /year to only Rp66,143,520.00/year.</em></p> Wahyu Mutiara Ramadhan Anis Siti Nurrohkayati Copyright (c) 2022 Wahyu Mutiara Ramadhan, Anis Siti Nurrohkayati 2022-12-22 2022-12-22 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1312 The Effect of Fiber Length Variations on the Composite Fiber of Oil Palm Empty Bunches (OPEB) on Tensile Strength <p><em>Composite is a combination of materials formed from mixing between two or more of the forming materials. This research aims to determine the effect of variations in fiber length with lengths of 4cm, 6cm, and 8cm with a volume fraction of OPEFB fiber of 30% and NaOH alkaline immersion for 2 hours. The tests carried out were tensile testing using ASTM D3039 and bending testing using ASTM D7264. Based on the study's results with the 30% OPEFB fraction with the highest tensile strength yield, the 8cm fiber length of 13,33 MPa was achieved. Meanwhile, the lowest value was achieved with a length of 4cm of 3,2MPa.</em></p> Reksi Dwi Cahyanto Agus Mujianto Binyamin Binyamin Andi Nugroho Copyright (c) 2023 Reksi Dwi Cahyanto, Agus Mujianto, Binyamin Binyamin, Andi Nugroho 2023-01-04 2023-01-04 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1324 Analysis of the Design of the Palm Frond Chopping Machine as a Basic Ingredient for Animal Feed <p><em>Currently, organic waste is still underutilized. If managed properly, it will produce a sale value and can also be used for various purposes. Organic waste that is still underutilized is like palm fronds. In areas especially Kalimantan, oil palm plantations are very common, the harvesting system in oil palm plantations produces fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and waste in the form of palm fronds which are piled up between the oil palm plants (gangan mati). The purpose of this research is to make a machine that can chop oil palm fronds into animal feed. Before making a coconut frond chopping machine, the design and force calculations are made first. The amount of torque obtained is 1,300, the motor power used in the initial design is 3 Hp, and the length of the belt used using pulley 1 with a diameter of 100 mm and pulley 2 with a diameter of 150 mm is A55 inch.</em></p> Imam Hanafi Anis Siti Nurrohkayati Copyright (c) 2023 Imam Hanafi, Anis Siti Nurrohkayati 2023-01-04 2023-01-04 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1325 The Effect Of Welding Current And Electrodes On The Results Of AISI 1045 Steel Welding Strength By Impact Testing <p><em>Welding is an activity of joining two or more metals by heating them until they melt, in which the melted or melted workpieces will unite with the help of additional materials to form a connection or a whole piece of metal. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of welding current, type of electrode and pattern of electrode movement on the strength of the welds against the impact test in order to produce optimal welding strength. The method used in this study is the Taguchi Method. This study used a SMAW welding machine with a 1G welding position. The material used in this research is AISI 1045 steel. The experimental design uses L4 (23) which has been designed by Orthoghonal Array. Next, the welding process and impact test are carried out. The results of the Impact Test were then analyzed using ANOVA. The results of this study are that the highest percentage yield value for the strength of the weld results is found in the type of electrode with a percentage of 21% and the lowest percentage value for the strength of the weld results is in the movement pattern of the electrode with a percentage of 10%.</em></p> Dede Zulrahman Anis Siti Nurrohkayati Copyright (c) 2023 Dede Zulrahman, Anis Siti Nurrohkayati 2023-01-05 2023-01-05 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1330 Design And Construction Of Cabinet Dryer With Variation Of Blower Speed Using Charcoal Combustion On Chilli Plants <p><em>Indonesia is one of the tropical countries where there are many entrepreneurs engaged in chili farming found in rural areas. Chili is a commodity plant that is in great demand throughout the world and in Indonesia, therefore without good processing or preservation, the quality of chili quickly rots and the price drops in the market. In the chili processing process, it is very dependent on sunlight, but due to the uncertain climate and drying using sunlight, it needs a long and unhygienic process, causing the chili processing process to be hampered. For this reason, the design of a drying system that utilizes heat from burning charcoal is specifically designed to speed up the drying process. This chili drying system utilizes heat from burning charcoal in the furnace and flows hot air into the system with the help of a blower whose speed is varied, namely 6000 Rpm, 4000 Rpm and 2000 Rpm, with variations in the testing capacity scale to determine the tamping power on an efficient rack when this dryer works. After testing the tool, it is known that in a drying time of 30 minutes, the variation is more effective with an even distribution of heat in the system with a maximum blower speed of 100 grams with a drying rate of 20% to 30%.</em></p> Muhammad Rosyidi Arasy Fahruddin Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Rosyidi, Arasy Fahruddin 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1357 Analysis Of Treatment Of Leaf Steel As A Cutting Knife With Quenching Method To Increase Hardness <p><em>Heat treatment carried out on steel materials will have an effect on the hardness and changes in metal structure in iron or steel. The addition of this hardness depends on the type of steel material used, temperature, and the cooling medium used such as oil, air, and water. In this study, the hardness of the iron cutting knife was increased through a heat treatment process to determine the effect of the hardness of the cutting knife on the result of cutting a 2 mm iron plate. The test object is a cutting knife which will be heated to a temperature of 850°C, cooled using SAE 35 oil. The test results show that the harder the cutting knife, the smaller the angle of inclination of the 2 mm plate..</em></p> M. Ganu Hersandi Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti Copyright (c) 2023 M. Ganu Hersandi, Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti 2023-02-21 2023-02-21 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1368 The Effect of Fiber Volume Fraction on the Bending Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Composites of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches <p><em>In this modern era, the palm oil industry is growing, so the waste is also increasing. If the waste from the palm oil industry is not processed, it will pollute the environment. One way to process palm oil waste is to turn the empty palm fruit bunches (OPEFB) fibers into composite reinforcement. Various natural fibers can be applied to become composite reinforcement, so it is necessary to study the character of OPEFB fibers for composite reinforcement. This study will look at the effect of various volume fractions on the bending strength of the composite. The volume fraction consists of 20%, 30%, and 40% fiber. The composite is then tested for bending to determine the bending strength of the composite. The results of the tests showed that the highest bending strength value was the 30% volume fractional variation with 47.70 MPa. The 40% volume fraction variation has the lowest bending strength value of 29.53 MPa. </em></p> Rizky Gunawan Agus Mujianto Copyright (c) 2023 Rizky Gunawan, Agus Mujianto 2023-03-14 2023-03-14 3 10.21070/pels.v3i0.1374