Procedia of Engineering and Life Science <p>Procedia of Engineering and Life Science is an output from the National Science and Technology Seminar held by the engineering faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Sidoarjo</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo en-US Procedia of Engineering and Life Science 2807-2243 Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis Process of Sengon Sawdust by Using Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst <p>Microwave-assisted pyrolysis (MAP) process is one of the alternative biomass pyrolysis processes currently being developed. This process aims to increase the yield of bio-oil and reduce residues during the pyrolysis process. One of the challenges faced in this process is the low thermal conductivity of the biomass which will also affect the quality of the bio-oil produced. The addition of a catalyst is intended to increase the yield of bio-oil and the quality of bio-oil. In addition, this process is also carried out by adding an absorber to increase the thermal conductivity of the biomass. Ni/Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> catalyst was synthesized by wet impregnation method with variations of 8%, 11% and 12.5% ​​nickel loading. Furthermore, the catalyst was mixed with sawdust of sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) and coconut charcoal as absorber. The microwave is set at a maximum temperature of 500 °C with an operating time of 60 minutes. Pyrolysis results showed that the addition of catalyst and absorbent was able to increase bio-oil production, with the percentage of bio-oil being 25.2%, 27%, and 33% respectively compared to pyrolysis without catalyst which only reached 11%. GC-MS analysis of bio-oil showed various hydrocarbon components in each variation, with the main components being phenol and benzene.</p> Lisa Ayu Wulandari Muhammad Mufti Azis Copyright (c) 2023 Lisa Ayu Wulandari, Muhammad Mufti Azis 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 Analysis of Microplastic in Ice Cubes Around Mulawarman University Gunung Kelua sub-District <p>Analysis of Microplastic in Ice Cubes Around Mulawarman University Gunung Kelua sub-district, thesis for Biology Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Mulawarman University, Research Under the Guidance of Prof. Dr. Didimus Tanah Boleng, M.Kes and Dr. Sonja Verra Tinneke Lumowa, M. Kes as supervisor I and II. This study aims to determine the microplastic in ice cubes and to determine the shape, color, and abundance of microplastics in ice cubes&nbsp; around Mulawarman University, Gunung Kelua sub-district. The type of research used is descriptive quantitative. Sampling with purposive sampling technique. The data analysis technique is quantitative descriptive by identifying and classifying it based on the shape, color, and abundance of microplastics in the ice cubes. The results of the research on the analysis of the microplastic in ice cubes around Mulawarman University Gunung Kelua sub-district, showed that all samples of the tested ice cubes contained positive microplastics. Microplastics in ice cubes with AMIU 1 as raw material have an abundance of 10 particles/L in the form of fibers, fragments and films with black, red, blue and transparent colors. Microplastics in ice cubes with AMIU 2 raw materials have an abundance of 9 particles/L in the form of fibers and fragments with black and red colors. Microplastics in ice cubes with PDAM 1 as raw material have an abundance of 22 particles/L in the form of fibers, fragments, and films with black, red, blue, purple, transparent, and yellow colors. Microplastics in ice cubes made from PDAM 2 have an abundance of 17 particles in the form of fibers and fragments with black, red and blue colors. Microplastics in crystal ice cubes have an abundance of 29 particles/L in the form of fibers, fragments and films with black, red, purple and transparent colors.</p> Dinda Nur Fajrina Didimus Tanah Boleng Sonnja Verra Tinekke Lumowa Copyright (c) 2023 Dinda Nur Fajrina, Didimus Tanah Boleng, Sonnja Verra Tinekke Lumowa 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 Analysis of SEDESA Farm's Social Media Marketing Strategy Using the PRACE Method <p>Companies are increasingly interested in adopting digital marketing tactics for their advertising and sales efforts as a result of the growing recognition of digital marketing's significance as a benchmark for global industrial development. This encouraged Sedesa Farm to look into digital marketing for new market circumstances and methods, with a particular emphasis on growing its company towards B2C (company to Customer) sales. Instagram is the digital medium of choice. The purpose of this research is to assess the current status of Sedesa Farm's digital marketing by analyzing the PRACE framework (Plan, Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage), and then to set objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on those assessments. PRACE (Plan, Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage) is the methodology used. Based on the findings of this research, Sedesa Farm's present approach to social media promotion has a number of holes that need to be filled. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for social media Instagram Sedesa Farm includes 1) Reach (Reach and followers (followers)), 2) Act (likes and comments), 3) Convert (content saved and conversation rate), 4) Engage (Content shared, on average) and is based on the following company goals: 1) Build follower conversions and brand awareness; 2) Initiate brand interactions; 3) Increase sales conversions; 4) Reach loyal consumers and initiate brand involvement.</p> D. Isna Safitri Kusuma R. Andry U. Maria Arista Copyright (c) 2023 D. Isna Safitri Kusuma, R. Andry, U. Maria Arista 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1380 Utilization of BCFS (Biomass Coal Fuel-Sludge) As Substitution of Energy Sources in Industrial Boilers <p>The utilization of coal as an energy source is still the main choice of the textile industry in Indonesia. The process of this utilization left 20% of FABA (fly ash-bottom ash) where 80% of them were bottom ashes which are considered hazardous and toxic waste. This study aims to obtain the technology and production process for treating bottom ash and biomass from urban waste as an alternative energy source and reducing environmental problems (zero waste: waste to energy and waste to material). Biomass Coal Fuel-Sludge (BCFS) Briquettes as a product derived from bottom ash, biomass, and biosludge had a composition of 50%: 30%: 20%. The briquettes utilization can reduce coal use by 16% and increase boiler temperature to 35°C - 75°C. The emission in the trial burning test which were the particulates, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide met the quality standards required in the Technical Approval in the Sector of Hazardous Waste Management from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. With this research, the BCFS briquette products can be a solution to the utilization of B3 waste and waste problems.</p> Danang Nor Arifin Hidawati Hidawati Copyright (c) 2023 Danang Nor Arifin, Hidawati Hidawati 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1382 Design a Car Sales Business Intelligence Using the K-Means Algorithm With Holt-winter's Smoothing Method <p><em>The use of Business Intelligence (BI) systems as decision support systems in the automotive environment, especially luxury cars, is still limited to support decision making regarding production and distribution policies. Forecasting is an important tool in planning for every organization and agency in need. The purpose of this study is to design BI that can be applied to luxury car show rooms as part of the automotive business organization by utilizing existing information systems. This research can also be used to see an overview of luxury car sales patterns using clustering techniques using K-Means algorithms. This study was designed by relating data on fuel increases from previous years. The results of this study are in the form of forecasting data using the smothing holtwinters method of luxury car sales in the next 5 years by adjusting to the conditions of fuel increase in the next 5 years for the process of making predictions of luxury car needs in Indonesia in the coming period.</em></p> Ilham Basri K David Fahmi Abdilah Yanuangga Galahartlambang Mochammad Alfan Rosid Copyright (c) 2023 Ilham Basri K, David Fahmi Abdilah, Yanuangga Galahartlambang , Mochammad Alfan Rosid 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1383 Analysis of Regional Competitiveness Index of Banten Province on Human Resources Aspects <p><em>An important factor influencing the success of regional development, one of which is the human resources (HR) that have a role in increasing the productivity and competitiveness of a region. An analysis of the competitiveness of a region needs to be carried out to identify weaknesses and strengths in human resource aspects that will have an impact on economic performance and people's welfare. This study aims to analyze the Regional Competitiveness Index (IDSD) of Banten Province in terms of human resources using several indicators, including education level, availability of employment, health, and investment environment. The method used is descriptive analysis and regional competitiveness index calculation. The data used in this study were obtained from the National Research and Innovation Agency. The results of the study show that Banten Province has an IDSD value on the health pillar of 3.75. From the health pillar, there are 3 regencies/cities that have a higher IDSD score, namely Tangerang Regency with a score of 3.85, Tangerang City with a score of 4, and South Tangerang City with a score of 4. Meanwhile, the IDSD score on the skills pillar has a score of 3.44. There were only 3 that had a higher IDSD score, namely Tangerang City with a value of 3.86, Cilegon with a value of 3.53, and South Tangerang City with a value of 3.79. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to improve the quality of human resources in Banten Province by taking into account the factors that affect competitiveness, including education, availability of fields, employment, health, and the investment environment.</em></p> Shabrina Naras Surya Nurita Nurita Johannes Hamonangan Siregar Nani Grace Berliana Copyright (c) 2023 Shabrina Naras Surya, Nurita Nurita, Hamonangan Siregar, Nani Grace Berliana 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1384 PM2.5 Concentration Pattern in ASEAN Countries Based on Population Density <p><em>The concentration of PM2.5 in ambient air is one of the indicators of air quality that affects public health. This pollutant is considered hazardous due to its small size, which allows it to enter the lungs and remain suspended in the air for a considerable amount of time. Identifying the patterns of PM2.5 concentration distribution is important to recognize the influential factors in increasing PM2.5 concentrations, thus enabling better formulation of solutions. This study analyzed the patterns of PM2.5 concentrations in three ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Four randomly selected measurement locations were chosen in each country, with two locations in densely populated areas and two others in low-density areas. The sample data of PM2.5 concentrations were analyzed using nested factor analysis of variance, which allowed the relationship between the taken parameters, namely country, location, and population density classification, to be determined. The results revealed that all parameters had a significant influence on PM2.5 concentrations.</em></p> Achmad Yahya Teguh Panuju Mustofa Usman Copyright (c) 2023 Achmad Yahya Teguh Panuju, Mustofa Usman 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1385 Model and Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules with Irradiation and Temperature Variations using Simulation Technology <p><em>This article discusses the modeling and analysis of Photovoltaic (PV) modules with irradiation and temperature variations using simulation technology. Modeling is carried out on solar modules through the p-n junction principle, a PV module model with temperature independence of photocurrent sources, diode saturation currents, and series resistances based on the Shockley diode equation. The photovoltaic process of solar radiation, PV cells convert a portion of the photovoltaic potential directly into electricity with I-V and P-V output characteristics. Electromagnetic radiation from the sun's energy is converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic module simulation process with Matlab/Simulink, is carried out to observe the performance through the I-V and P-V characteristics of the solar module. The model, which is developed in a user-friendly manner using the Simulink block, shows the results of the PV characteristics when irradiation increases, the output current increases and the output voltage also increases. This results in a net increase in power output with increased irradiation at constant temperature.</em></p> Rahmaniar Rahmaniar Khairul Khairul Agus Junaidi Debby Kaumala Sari Copyright (c) 2023 Rahmaniar Rahmaniar, Khairul Khairul, Agus Junaidi 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1386 Match Card Game For Education About Traditional Kingdom in Indonesia <p>Indonesia is one of the country that has an old history that can be tracked until 1000 years, even before Indonesia got invaded by Netherlands. Many kingdoms that rise and fall or replaced by another kingdom, and many rulers that have bloodline with another rulers in different kingdom. Each kingdom has different culture background that based on different religion, where we can see about their culture development from kingdoms from the past. Game education is one of the tools for learning that can be used for modern entertainment game that give education point or knowledge so the player can learn while playing the game. Match card game is a game where player match the image with the same image and finish it by matching all the cards with the same image. In this game, by borrowing match game mechanic, we modified it with player need to choose a Question Card and match it with the correct Answer Card. There is 3 stages in the game that separate it with Hindu’s kingdoms, buddha kingdoms and Muslim kingdoms in Indonesia. Player then will got a questioner about the topic in the game. The result we got that the players has improvement about the old kingdoms in Indonesia. And we got positive reaction about the game and they interested to play it again and gain a higher score than before.</p> David Fahmi Abdillah Ilham Basri K Yanuangga Galahart lambang Titiek Khotiah Rohman Dijaya Copyright (c) 2023-07-12 2023-07-12 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1391 Sentiment Analysis of the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine with the Naïve Bayes Algorithm <p>In early 2020, a new deadly virus was discovered that can spread quickly, called SARS-CoV-2 or Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Indonesia is a country with a relatively high number of survivors of COVID-19. The success of the Indonesian government in providing massive COVID-19 vaccinations can minimize the risk of death. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated it would revoke the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) status for COVID-19 in May 2023. However, many positive cases of Covid-19 were still found in Indonesia. Most of them are survivors who have not carried out complete vaccinations until they get a booster vaccine. This study analyzes public sentiment about booster vaccines in Indonesia using the Naïve Bayes classification algorithm. The results showed that the classification modeling accuracy had an excellent value of 97.51%. In contrast, based on the analysis results, the number of words that frequently appeared in the twelve highest word cloud visualization results found tokens that had positive sentiment values.</p> Dyah Retno Utari Copyright (c) 2023 Dyah Retno Utari 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1379 Comparison of Multiple Linear Regression and Holt-Winter Exponential Smoothing in the Gold Jewelry Pricing Prediction <p><em>One important factor in someone's decision to purchase gold jewelry is the price factor. However, the price of gold jewelry varies from store to store. Therefore, a gold jewelry price forecasting system is needed to assist customers in determining the right time to buy gold jewelry. This study aims to develop a gold jewelry prediction system by comparing two methods: multiple linear regression and Holt-Winter exponential smoothing. These two methods were chosen because the researcher wants to compare which method is more accurate in predicting the price of gold jewelry. The second reason is that both multiple linear regression and Holt-Winter exponential smoothing methods share similarities in using three variables. The three variables in multiple linear regression include period (X1), profit (X2), and price (Y), while the variables in the Holt-Winter exponential smoothing method include level, trend, and season. </em></p> Wirawan Khairul Majid Intan Dzikria Copyright (c) 2023 Wirawan Khairul Majid, Intan Dzikria 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1390 Sentiment Analysis Before Presidential Election 2024 Using Naïve Bayes Classifier Based On Public Opinion In Twitter <p><em>This study aims to determine the performance of the Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm and sentiment analysis tested on a dataset obtained from Twitter social media scrapping with the topic of 2024 presidential candidates. Three candidates frequently discussed in public spaces were used as keyword parameters in data mining: #anis, #ganjar, and #pilpres2024, resulting in 3021 tweets extracted from 12/1/2022 to 31/1/2023, which were successfully converted to ".csv" format documents. Public opinions extracted from the dataset were then pre-processed using the Python programming language, resulting in 2157 cleaned tweets. The data that passed the pre-processing stage was then labeled as positive or negative sentiment. Sentiment analysis was performed using the Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm with three testing experiments using different training and testing data compositions in each experiment. The results of the study showed that the best Naïve Bayes model was obtained in the first experiment with a 10% testing data and 90% training data composition, resulting in 71% accuracy, 93% precision, 66% recall, and an f-measure score of 77%. The conclusion of the study is that the electability of the 2024 presidential candidates shapes public opinion and generates public sentiment in the form of positive and negative tweets. Positive tweets had a higher percentage of 71.5% (1543), while negative sentiment tweets accounted for 28.5% (614). Further research is expected to produce different information by using different classification algorithms and larger data sets.</em></p> Heri Prasetyo Arif Senja Fitrani Copyright (c) 2023 Heri Prasetyo, Arif Senja Fitrani 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1395 Futsal Field Promotion System Using Augmented Reality Method (Case Study: Segodo Tarik Futsal Field) <p>Futsal is a multi-sprint sport with a high-intensity phase. In addition, the game of futsal is very dependent on the technical abilities of each player. To implement trained and conceptualized tactics and strategies, individual techniques are combined. To play futsal properly, you must learn some basic techniques and practice them often. Various technologies have been developed in the field of sports to improve player performance, including the development of an Arduino-based futsal ball throwing device. Augmented reality (AR) is the process of generating additional information about existing objects by rendering them in real time directly or indirectly from physical objects by adding objects to the virtual world. Based on the research that has been done under the title "Futsal Field Promotion System Using the Augmented Reality Method" it can be concluded that: The AR Futsal application can display 4 3D objects on the futsal field. Making 3D objects is contained in this application using Blender software and developed into an Android application.</p> Kholqi Alim Ade Eviyanti Yulian Findawati Mochamad Alfan Rosid Copyright (c) 2023 Kholqi Alim, Ade Eviyanti, Yulian Findawati, Mochamad Alfan Rosid 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1405 Design of a Web-based Livestock Feed Sales Information System (Case Study of Lukman Jaya Store) <p>Lukman Jaya Store is business engaged in the sale of chicken feed and duck feed for both layer and broilers, and chicken / duck breeds. This shop in located in singkalan village RT14 RW06, Balongbendo district, Sidoarjo regency. The purpose of this research is to design a website-based livestock feed sales information system. The system used at lukman jaya stores is still manual, where the media for promotion is only throught banners and stories from one customer to another. The analysis of the system used is media observation, interviews and literature study. The results of this study are to make it easier for customers to buy and know the chicken and duck feed available at the Lukman Jaya Store.</p> Kasaifi Al Qurdhowi Bin Witno Ade Eviyanti Mochamad Alfan Rosid Copyright (c) 2023 Kasaifi Al Qurdhowi Bin Witno, Ade Eviyanti, Mochamad Alfan Rosid 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1406 Explore Room(xR): Explore Digital Hotel Bedrooms Using Augmented Reality <p>xR(Explore Room) is an application feature to explore virtual hotel rooms using Augmented Reality. By utilizing Augmented Reality technology, users will be able to ensure the hotel services which will be obtained before booking hotel room. The application feature is developed using the Agile Development method, which is software development method that requires quick adjustments and is able to receive changes repeatedly and oriented towards the quality of the results developed. xR(Explore Room) operates AR technology as the main technology where the feature will display a 3-dimensional model of a hotel room using markers on the phone screens. From use of the Agile method, it is found that the application feature which made requires several improvement for the results to be maximized. The results of application testing suggest adding human resources to produce more 3D room model assets to adjust number of rooms that have been registered in the application.</p> Dicky Andrey Cholisyah Putra Cindy Taurusta Copyright (c) 2023 Dicky Andrey Cholisyah Putra, Cindy Taurusta 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1408 Web Center Design of Student Activity Unit (UKM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo as a Center for Membership Information Event and Product Marketing <p>Information systems and technology are advancing so rapidly that technology and people no longer play separate roles. One of the technologies currently being developed is a website-based information system. The website is a collection of linked pages and related files. Websites have been widely used by non-profit and non-profit organizations to provide accurate information to the public by functioning as a platform for information dissemination. The purpose of this research is to create a central web information system to display complete detailed data regarding the Sidoarjo Muhammadiyah University Student Activity Unit online. The research method used is the waterfall method using blackbox testing. From the test results the researchers succeeded in implementing a student activity unit website that displayed information in the form of info on achievements, works, events, products, articles, announcements and members from each UKM. With this system, student activity units can record every activity, reduce the risk of loss or damage to data and make it easier to record all of its members.</p> Aldy Trisza Zahputra Ade Eviyanti Mochamad Alfan Rosid Hindarto Hindarto Copyright (c) 2023 Aldy Trisza Zahputra, Ade Eviyanti, Mochamad Alfan Rosid, Hindarto Hindarto 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1409 Frozen Food Quality Control Using Statistical Process Control Methods and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis <p>The research was conducted in UD Mulia Jaya to look out the main causes of defects in frozen food products and to reduce defects in the product of making klasu bread. It is known that the production of klasu bread is 333,490 pcs, product defects are 18,716 pcs, and the average production per day is 6,669 pcs with an average daily product defect of 374 pcs. The defect has exceeded the product defect tolerance limit set by the business owner. The method used Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). The results showed that the biggest cause of defects was filling out the surface (leaky) with a total of 7,695. Calculation of the Risk Priority Number (RPN) obtained a value of 168. The most dominant factor the environmental factor with recommendations for repairing insulation on each production line to maximize employee performance in reducing product defects.</p> Mochammad Nabil Ferdianto Pratama Putra Atika Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Mochammad Nabil Ferdianto Pratama Putra, Atika Sidhi Cahyana 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1410 Digital Marketing Application to Increases Livestock Sales in Sacrificial Cages in Ganggang Panjang Sidoarjo Village Based on Android <p>The need for qurban animals both for the needs of the Eid al-Adha holiday and needs other than Eid al- Adha such as aqiqah, or other important events are very much needed where in the selection of sacrificial animals such as goats or cows are both very important. types of sacrificial goats and cows, the condition of the sacrificial animals so that the results given are very good. In the process of selecting, purchasing, distributing sacrificial animals, they still use the manual method, which is less efficient, so there is a need for an application system that can assist in selecting, purchasing, and distributing sacrificial animals. In running the business, most of the service processes that are applied are still manual by checking the condition of the animal by coming to the place so that it is difficult for the customer to come twice or contact by phone. Then, in managing transaction data and issuing notes, it is also still manual. "DIGITAL MARKETING APPLICATION TO INCREASING LIVESTOCK SALES IN QURBAN STAGES IN GANGGANG PANJANG VILLAGE, SIDOARJO BASED ON ANDROID" was created to simplify the process of buying and selling livestock services so as to facilitate work and improve service in these small and medium enterprises. From the results of this study it can be concluded that this system can increase effectiveness because it is not done manually, the features in the information system are easy to use and the transaction data management runs well.</p> Achmad Ainun Gusti Refinda Arif Senja Fitrani Copyright (c) 2023 Achmad Ainun Gusti Refinda, Arif Senja Fitrani 2023-07-26 2023-07-26 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1416 Web-based Product Marketing Information System for MSMEs Tanggulangin Wallet and Bag Manufacturers <p>The existence of MSMEs has an influence on improving people's welfare which can provide many business opportunities for the community. However, MSMEs currently have weaknesses in marketing their products, moreover they are still carrying out a manual marketing strategy using the method of making brochures, pamphlets and promoting their products in several stores. At the present time it is not easy to do marketing, the lack of the role of internet technology which can hinder MSMEs in terms of marketing their products. So that the business can develop and get maximum results, of course the role of internet technology is also very important for MSMEs in developing their business products. One way is to build an information system with PHP and MySQL programming as database storage. The end result of this research is the advantage of an information system that is useful for the long term with the aim of facilitating online marketing and sales to be able to expand market reach.</p> Enda Nuriya Dewi Sumarno Sumarno Copyright (c) 2023 Enda Nuriya Dewi, Sumarno Sumarno 2023-07-26 2023-07-26 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1417 Digital Book of Indonesian Rare Flora Using Augmented Reality <p>The uniformity of the flora is still not widely known. Therefore, natural knowledge has an important role in education considering the limitations of print media as a learning medium. Innovation by utilizing Augmented Realityp technology is very helpful as a learning medium that can support the learning process more effectively and efficiently, on the other hand Augmented Reality that displays 3D models of objects in real time can also increase interest in learning in knowing Indonesia's rare flora attractively and interactively.So, researchers designed and developed the application "Digital Flora Langka Indonesia Using Augmented Reality" with SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methods which are expected to help as an interesting learning medium.</p> Nur Reza Umami Rohman Dijaya Yunianita Rahmawati Copyright (c) 2023 Nur Reza Umami, Rohman Dijaya, Yunianita Rahmawati 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1418 Web-based Muhammadiyah E-voting Application Using the Laravel Framework <p>Electronic voting is a form of voting that is often used for elections using electronic systems. However, at the time of implementation there was a lot of fraud that only intended for one of the parties. Therefore, a Web-Based Muhammadiyah Association E-Voting Application was created using the Laravel Framework. There is no need to use nails because the DPT (Permanent Voters List) only needs to touch the screen to vote for the elected candidate. This application uses the RFID technology feature to start voting, so that there are no more double votes from the same voter The results of the recapitulation will periodically change according to the number of votes that have been collected and stored in the database. So it is already necessary to calculate manually when the event ends. The results of the votes are automatically counted and processed by the program quickly and efficiently.</p> Ardiansyah Ardiansyah Mochamad Alfan Rosid Arif Senja Fitrani Copyright (c) 2023 Ardiansyah Ardiansyah, Mochamad Alfan Rosid, Arif Senja Fitrani 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1419 Identification of Children's Personality Using Iterative Dichotomizer 3 (ID3) Algorithm <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the steps of implementing a system to identify the personality of an early childhood and to determine the effect of an early childhood personality identification system on increasing a child's potential to determine their interests and talents. In developing an expert system, the authors use the development method with steps including data collection, analysis, system design, due diligence, program evaluation and implementation. Based on calculations using the ID3 algorithm using the Weka application and manual calculations, it can be seen whether a personality identification is introverted or extroverted. The design of the data classification process is executed to produce a decision tree. From the research based on the research hypothesis, it can be concluded that from the experiments that have been carried out to predict a child's personality using the interactive dichotomous algorithm (ID3) method, predictions can be made to find out a child's personality.</p> Amelia Lukita Sari Mochamad Alfan Rosyid Copyright (c) 2023 Amelia Lukita Sari, Mochamad Alfan Rosyid 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1420 Information System For New Residents Registration Based On Web and Android <p>The Suko Village is one of 24 villages in the Sidoarjo sub-district, Suko village is the second most populous village in the Sidoarjo sub-district, reaching 15 thousand people spread over 72 RTs. Geographically, the Suko village area is in the middle of the city which has led to many housing developments that have made Suko village a densely populated settlement, as well as a destination for residents outside the city of Sidoarjo to stop by and settle down.The purpose of this research is to design a Information System For Registration New Residents Based On Web and Android that can be accessed. The research method used is the waterfall method, while the technique for collecting data uses observation and interview techniques. The result of this research is to make the village government aware of all its citizens, including those who live not permanently and can record citizens efficiently and no longer use a manual system.</p> Zulfian Syahril Shiddiq Mochamad Alfan Rosid Arif Senja Fitrani Hindarto Hindarto Copyright (c) 2023 Zulfian Syahril Shiddiq, Mochamad Alfan Rosid, Arif Senja Fitrani, Hindarto Hindarto 2023-07-27 2023-07-27 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1421 Web-Based And Whatsapp Gateway Tuition Payment Information System (Case Study Of SMK Antartika 2 Sidoarjo) <p>The tuition paymant system at Vocational High School Antartika 2 Sidoarjo is still carried out semi- manually, meaning that transactions are already using a computer but data recaps are still recorded in books manually. This can slow down the payment process causing some problems. The method used is an object-oriented method using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). While the data collection techniques used are by way of observation, interviews, and documentation. This journal will discuss the design of a web-based tuition paymant information system and Whatsapp gateway using Whatsapp messages to be sent to each student's guardian. This plan aims to facilitate the administration of the finance department in recording tuition paymant data and making reports, as well as making it easier for students' parents to provide payment information via Whatsapp messages. The author hopes that with this application planning it is hoped that it will run more effectively and efficiently both in conducting tuition paymant transactions, as well as in making reports so that it can help the school and parents of students also easily get information on tuition payments.</p> Almyra Gitta Imanda Ade Eviyanti Hindarto Hindarto Hamzah Setiawan Copyright (c) 2023 Almyra Gitta Imanda, Ade Eviyanti, Hindarto Hindarto, Hamzah Setiawan 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1422 Replication of the Climbing Post on Mount Arjuno Using Augmented Reality (AR) with the Open Asset Import Library Method <p>Mount Arjuno is a 3,339meter high cone-shaped volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. At this time, information about climbers that is spread in online media makes it easy, there are many features that can be used to find climbing information on Mount Arjuno. Making this Arjuno augmented reality application uses the Rapid Application Development model with the main goal of producing high quality and quantity. Where this method places more emphasis on working on application software and user feedback in the planner. And testing for the tracking distance of the camera to the marker, to ensure the distance that can be traveled by the camera when scanning objects to targets. By creating an android application that uses the Marker Based Tracking method which can assist climbers in choosing hiking trails on Mount Arjuno so that climbers know the distance of the path traveled when climbing.</p> Muhammad Fachruddin Rohman Dijaya Mochamad Alfan Rosid Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Fachruddin, Rohman Dijaya, Mochamad Alfan Rosid 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1428 Designing a Digital Mini Stage Augmented Reality Catalog Application Using the Loading Package Model Feature <p>The street vendor business is one that is growing rapidly in this day and age. Some of these businesses are personal in nature, while others are not. The interest in this research stems from observations made with street vendors, where the service for ordering booths so far only uses photo media without the ability to explore in greater detail, where the service is not optimal if the manual method is still used, and thus it is necessary to develop new services to be able to display products in 3D and explore thoroughly. The author's goal in conducting this research is to develop applications so that partners can increase consumer traffic through digital catalogs using augmented reality (AR) technology and make it easier for buyers to interactively visualize booth models. The results of this study are augmented reality applications for interactive visualization of booth models. The booth is displayed in three dimensions using a 3D developer application. Users can explore booth models i teractively from all sides. This application is a portable digital catalog that provides a more intuitive user experience.</p> Mico Hari Syahgita Rohman Dijaya Copyright (c) 2023 Mico Hari Syahgita, Rohman Dijaya 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1429 Virtual Aquascape for Users Utilizing Augmented Reality <p>Aquascape is the art of arranging plants in water. The large number of complaints from aquascape buyers were not up to expectations, causing sellers to have difficulty in setting an example of an orderable aquascape, so researches created an aquascape application system to increase their promotional activities with augmented reality technology accessible through smartphone. One uses the methode MDLC (Multimedia Development Life Cycle). As a result, the application can implement a markless augmented reality to display 3D objects in real time with the help of a camera on a smartphone or a trilib feature by importing 3D object files found on file managers on a smartphone. User can easily provide the desired aquascape example of the aquascape application.</p> Della Swastika Nur Aini Rohman Dijaya Yunianita Rahmawati Copyright (c) 2023 Della Swastika Nur Aini, Rohman Dijaya, Yunianita Rahmawati 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1430 The Digital City Tour Guide Using Augmented Reality on the Pasupati Bridge <p>Bandung is a must-visit tourist destination, including those around the Paupati Bridge. The Pasupati Flyover or Pasupati Bridge is an icon of Bandung City. Because of its cool and original location, there is also an ancient building making Bandung interesting to visit and be introduced to its tourism field. One method for propelling the travel industry is with special media. By using Increased Reality (AR)- based data innovation, it can show 3D virtual articles into a genuine climate and construct 3D picture representations. AR can be utilized as an option limited time medium that assists clients with getting more clear data about the fascination they need to visit. This research aims to promote tourism with Augmented Reality using the Multimedia Development Life Cycle (MDLC) Method. The results of this study are Information and 3D images of tourism in which there is a 3D import feature to include images. It can contribute to helping tourists search for information about tourism in an area.</p> Dewi Rhomadiniyah Rohman Dijaya Yunianita Rahmawati Copyright (c) 2023 Dewi Rhomadiniyah, Rohman Dijaya, Yunianita Rahmawati 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1431 Bread Sales Information System at Satria Bread Shop <p>In the current era of globalization, technological developments are progressing very rapidly so that with the advancement of this technology it can facilitate humans in various activities. In this research, a Web-Based Bread Sales Information System will be built at the Satria Roti Shop, Sidoarjo, which currently still uses the manual way of transacting with customers, so that customer service is still not optimal and efficient.The method used in this study is the waterfall method and software as follows: Visual code as an editor, React programming language, Javascript framework, Apache web server and MySQL as the database.This research will produce a Web-Based Bread Sales Information System at the Satria Roti Shop, Sidoarjo, which has an appropriate interface and can facilitate the process of selling bread transactions efficiently and practically.</p> Ravica Eka Cahyani Arif Senja Fitrani Copyright (c) 2023 Ravica Eka Cahyani, Arif Senja Fitrani 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1433 Web Based Leave Management System (Case Study of PT Java Pacific) <p>PT. Java Pacific has the obligation to provide leave entitlements for all employees, for the process of implementing, managing, calculating, reimbursement of leave being the task of the Human Resources Division of PT. Java Pacific. The objectives of this research include. Design and build a user-friendly web-based leave permit system. Method The method used in the development of this website-based leave application information system uses the RAD method, because it suits the needs of fast application development and has clear needs. The results obtained in this study are a leave management system that can facilitate monitoring data reporting in submitting leave at PT Java Pacific.</p> Andri Setiawan Sumarno Sumarno Copyright (c) 2023 Andri Setiawan, Sumarno Sumarno 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1434 Detection and Prevention of Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) in Website-Based Applications <p>IDOR (Insecure Direct Object References) is a security vulnerability that occurs when a web application does not validate or authorize access to direct objects, such as data or resources, in an adequate manner. In the context of web application security, objects can be files, database records, or other resources identified by a parameter or direct reference. The IDOR technique allows an attacker to manipulate parameters passed to a web application to gain unauthorized access to objects he or she should not have access to. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can access, modify, or delete data that should only be accessible to authorized users. One of the dangers in accessing data on websites, data retrieval techniques from object IDs are often vulnerable to Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) attacks. Therefore, the data retrieval technique from $_SESSION can be a safer alternative to avoid the IDOR security vulnerability. Using this technique, only the account in use can be accessed and does not allow access to other technician accounts. The use of additional query parameters can also increase website security and protect the data and information contained therein. Thus, adding additional validation to the code can help prevent IDOR vulnerabilities from occurring in web applications.</p> Rio Ananda Putra Irwan Alnaurus Kautsar Hindarto Hindarto Sumarno Sumarno Copyright (c) 2023 Rio Ananda Putra, Irwan Alnaurus Kautsar, Hindarto Hindarto, Sumarno Sumarno 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1435 Web-based Information System for Climbing Equipment Rental (Case Study of Camp 2 Shop) <p>The business of renting hiking equipment is currently very much loved by entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that the content business generates a lot of rupiah coffers, nowadays many young people are channeling their hobbies to mountain climbing. Regardless of age, there are also many ambitious fathers who take the time to climb. No wonder hiking equipment rentals are selling well at this time.Unfortunately, the rental of hiking equipment is still traditional, namely by coming to the store and choosing the items to be rented, with a system like this it is likely that the items to be rented are empty or are being rented by other tenants. This is quite detrimental to customers who have come all the way and hope that the item they are looking for is there. Not only customers who are harmed here, shop owners will also lose many customers.Therefore, a web-based information system is needed that can be accessed by potential customers, with this information system it is hoped that it can assist customers in renting hiking equipment without manual processes.</p> Intan Afriza Malna Yulian Findawati Copyright (c) 2023 Intan Afriza Malna, Yulian Findawati 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1432 Web-Based Company Workshop Tool Control System (Case Study of Dipo Kereta Malang) <p>The management of existing tools at Dipo Kereta Malang in the process of borrowing and returning still uses conventional methods, where employees write in the available books. This can cause problems including a lot of unrecorded data, when at the same time the officer is doing other work. Then, when the process of searching for tool data in a book that takes time. In addition, officers will always check the availability of tools before borrowing. As the role of information and communication technology and the development of tool lending applications to support companies to be more effective. Information technology used includes computer technology to support the loan information system. From the description of the problems above, a web-based tool control system will be created. Website which can be interpreted as a form of group of web pages which can be accessed by everyone and are bound together in one domain. This web-based system can generate information in the form of tool availability, loan reports, and changes in the tool borrowing process where tool borrowing is done the previous day for tomorrow's work. For this reason, employees no longer need to make manual records which are considered less effective and efficient in the future. And with the system created can improve previous shortcomings.</p> Viqi Harianto Sumarno Sumarno Copyright (c) 2023 Viqi Harianto, Sumarno Sumarno 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1436 Design of Speed Limiter Display For Uwin Fly Electric Bike Based on Internet of Things <p>To contribute to the development of electric vehicle technology in Indonesia, a data monitoring system has been designed to monitor and remotely control the condition of electric motorcycles. The device is designed using a nodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller, voltage sensor, switch, button, Hall sensor, and buzzer. Data is processed and displayed on Blynk. Experiments were conducted on battery monitoring, speed, speed mode, crush control, and speed limiter alarms. Implementing the device on the Uwin Fly electric bicycle can serve as a reference for the feasibility of the device on other electric bicycles. Additionally, the development of electric bicycle monitoring displays and speed limiter features can increase awareness among electric bicycle users, especially mothers and children. Overall, the monitoring system could contribute to enhancing the safety and efficiency of electric motorcycles on the roads of Indonesia.Meanwhile, if the article is written in English, the abstract should be typed in English only. The abstract should be typed as concisely as possible and should be composed of: problem statement, method, scientific finding results, and a short conclusion. The abstract should be typed in one paragraph only and two-columns format. All sections in the manuscript should be typed using Times New Roman font. Authors should use this document as their article template.</p> Joko Pramana Dwi Hadidjaja Rasjid Saputra Syamsudduha Syahrorini Copyright (c) 2023 Joko Pramana, Dwi Hadidjaja Rasjid Saputra, Syamsudduha Syahrorini 2023-07-26 2023-07-26 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1415 Characteristics of Mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour) From Cassava (Manihot utilissima): Study of Tape Yeast Concentration and Fermentation Time <p>Cassava is a local food that has low shelf life. Mocaf flour is processed cassava which is modified by fermentation. This study used a randomized block design (RBD) method with 3 repetitions. With the treatment of tape yeast concentration which consists of 3 levels, namely 1%, 1.5% and 2% and the treatment of fermentation time with 3 levels, namely 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. Data were analyzed using ANOVA then continued with the BNJ test with a level of 5%. As well as the hedonic scale scoring organoleptic test. The results showed that the highest value for the color parameter L was 296.66, color a was 5.17, color b was 34.21, organoleptic aroma was 188, organoleptic color was 167.5.</p> Wiwin Ekawati Ningrum Ida Agustini Saidi Copyright (c) 2023 Wiwin Ekawati Ningrum, Ida Agustini Saidi 2023-07-13 2023-07-13 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1393 Effect of Gelatin and Citric Acid Concentrations on the Production of Cherry Tomato Jelly Candy (Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme) <p>This research to determine the effect of gelatin concentration and citric acid concentration on cherry tomato jelly candy products (Solanum Lycopersicum Var. Cerasiforme). The method used in this study was a randomized block design (RBD) using 2 factorials, namely gelatin and citric acid, with 9 treatments repeated 3 times to obtain 27 experimental units. Data analysis was carried out using ANOVA and follow-up tests were carried out with Honest Significant Difference (BNJ) at 5% level while the organoleptic test was analyzed using the Friedman test. The results of this study indicated that the addition of gelatin and citric acid had no significant effect on the reducing sugar of cherry tomato jelly candy, whereas the parameters of water content, ash content, vitamin C had a significant effect on the addition of gelatin and citric acid to cherry tomato jelly candy. The results of this study showed that the highest value for the reducing sugar parameter was 47.70%, the lowest value for ash content was 0.25%, the lowest value for water content was 17.14%, the highest value for vitamin C was 0.50%.</p> Alza Della Zahiroh Rima Azara Copyright (c) 2023 Alza Della Zahiroh, Rima Azara 2023-07-13 2023-07-13 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1392 Effect Of Drying Tempeature And Various Blanching Methods On The Quality Of Cassava Leaf Flour (Manihot esculenta C) <p><em>This research was conducted because of the high protein content in cassava leaves which causes cassava leaves to be easily damaged, therefore turning cassava leaves into flour will extend the shelf life of cassava leaves. The method used in this study was a randomized block design (RBD) using 2 factors with 9 treatments repeated 3 times, so that 27 experimental units were obtained. This research uses ANOVA analysis which is then further tested with a 5% level of Honest Significant Difference (BNJ). The results showed that cassava leaf flour had a significant interaction on water content and protein content, while the antioxidant activity had no significant effect. The results showed that the lowest value for the parameter of water content was 6.05%, the highest value for the parameter for protein content was 27.10%, the highest value for the antioxidant parameter was 79.59%. </em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Selma Amelia Rahma Ida Agustini Saidi Copyright (c) 2023 Selma Amelia Rahma, Ida Agustini Saidi 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1397 Characteristics of Cucumber Powder Drink (Cucumis sativus L.) With Addition of Lime Juice and Concentration of Maltodextrin Foam Mat Drying Method <p><em>This study aims to determine the effect of adding lime juice and maltodextrin concentration on the characteristics of cucumber powder drink (Cucumis sativus L.) using the foam mat drying method. The method used in this study was a randomized block design (RBD) using two factorials consisting of lime juice with a concentration of (5%, 15%, 25%) and a concentration of maltodextrin (15%, 20%, 25%). So that there were 9 treatment combinations. Each treatment was repeated 3 times, so that 27 trials were obtained. Data analysis was carried out using ANOVA and follow-up tests with a 5% level of Honest Significant Difference and organoleptic tests were analyzed using the Friedman test. The results showed that there was no interaction between the concentration of lime and the concentration of maltodextrin on the levels of vitamin C in cucumber powder, but there was an interaction between the concentration of lime and the concentration of maltodextrin on the solubility of cucumber powder. The results showed that the lowest value for the water content parameter was 17.5%, the highest value for vitamin C was 1.287% and the highest value for the solubility parameter was 147.16%.</em></p> Mei Dita Fitrotus Zakiyah Rahmah Utami Budiandari Copyright (c) 2023 Mei Dita Fitrotus Zakiyah, Rahmah Utami Budiandari 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1401 The Effect of Various Concentrations of Telang Flower (Clitoria Ternatea L.) Extract on Cow Milk Yogurt Characteristic <p>This study aims to determine the effect of the addition of butterfly pea flower extract (Clitorian Ternatea L.) on the characteristics of cow’s milk yogurt. The method used in this study was a randomized block design (RBD) using a single factor with 8 treatments repeated 3 times to obtain 24 experimental units. Data analysis was carried out using ANOVA and follow-up testing with a 5% level of Honest Significant Difference (SJL) and organoleptic test were analyzed using the Friedman test. The result showed that the additional og butterfly pea extract had no significant effect on the viscosity and pH of the cow’s milk yogurt, while on the color parameter the addition of the butterfly pea extract had avery significant effect on the characteristics of the cow’s milk yogurt. The result of this study showed that the highest value of the viscosity parameter was 68,2%, the lowest pH was 5,19%, the lowest lightness color value was 61,72%, the highest redness value was 4,07% and the lowest yellowness value was -21,46%.</p> Annisa Alya Chosyatillah Ida Agustini Saidi Copyright (c) 2023 Annisa Alya Chosyatillah, Ida Agustini Saidi 2023-07-20 2023-07-20 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1407 Soature Test of ZPT Onion Extract and Combination of Plant Media on the Growth of Grape (Vitis vinifera l.) Cuttings <p>Grapes are vines in the form of bushes and or are eaten directly. Grapes contain many polypheno and reseveratrol compounds which are active in various metabolisms, and are able to prevent the formation of cancer cells and other diseases. The main problem with penetrating is that it is difficult to form roots. Therefore, efforts that can be made to encourage, accelerate and stimulate the formation of roots and increase the quality and number of roots can be done by giving PGR to cuttings. This study aims to determine the effect of giving several concentrations of shallot extract and a combination of planting media on the growth of grape cuttings (Vitis vinifera L.) This research was carried out experimentally using a factorial Randomized Block Design (RBD) method with 2 treatment factors consisting of: the first is without soaking natural ZPT, namely K0 = 0% shallot extract, and soaking with natural ZPT, namely K1 = 100% shallot extract. The second factor is the planting medium with 4 levels, namely M1 = Soil; M2 = Soil + Sand (2 : 1); M3 = Soil + Cocopeat + Sand (2 : 1 : 1). From the research results obtained, there was an interaction on the number of shoots at the age of 28 HST, the speed of shoot growth, and the length of the shoots at the ages of 21 and 28 HST.</p> Mochamad Ilham Yusrony Intan Rohma Nurmalasari Copyright (c) 2023 Mochamad Ilham Yusrony, Intan Rohma Nurmalasari 2023-07-21 2023-07-21 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1412 Application of Sugarcane Bagasse and Tea in Growing Media on the Growth and Yield of Red Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. Crispa) <p>This study aims to determine the effect of bagasse and tea as a growing medium on the growth and yield of red lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa). The research was carried out in January - March 2023. The study used the Randomized Block Design (RBD) method which consisted of 5 treatments with 4 replicates, each treatment consisting of 3 plants which produced 20 experimental units. The treatments included: P0 (100% soil), P1 (75% soil + 25% bagasse), P2 (75% soil + 25% tea bagasse), P3 (50% soil + 50% sugarcane bagasse), P4 (50% soil 50% + 50% tea dregs). The observed variables consisted of plant height, number of leaves, stem diameter, fresh weight per plant, dry weight per plant, and harvest index. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) then followed by a 5% level honest significant difference test (BNJ). And there is the effect of a combination of tea waste growing media on plant height, plant wet weight, and harvest index of red lettuce plants.</p> Adelia Dwi Ella Sari Intan Rohma Nurmalasari Copyright (c) 2023 Adelia Dwi Ella Sari, Intan Rohma Nurmalasari 2023-07-22 2023-07-22 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1413 The Effect of Organic Liquid Fertilizer Chicken Eggshell with Onion Skin Waste For The Growth and Yield of Basil Plant (Ocimum basilium L.) <p>This study aims to determine the effect of applying liquid organic fertilizer from chicken eggshell and onion skin waste for the growth and yield of Basil plants which were carried out from May to June 2023, using a single factor Randomized Block Design (RBD) with 4 experimental levels, namely D0: Without POC, D1: (100 ml POC + 1 L Water), D2: (200 ml POC + 1 L Water), D3: (300 ml POC + 1 L Water), D4: (400 ml POC + 1 L Water ) which was repeated 3 times. The variables observed were plant height, number of leaves, number of branches, stem diameter, flower weight, leaf weight and plant weight. Then analyzed the variance using ANOVA to determine the effect of giving POC which will then be carried out by a BNJ follow-up test. The results of the study showed that the application of liquid organic fertilizer from chicken eggshell and onion skin waste in D2 treatment with a dose of 200 ml POC + 1 L of water gave the highest yields of basil plants with the highest number of leaves, number of branches and leaf weight.</p> Achmad Wirdan Waliyuddin Copyright (c) 2023 Achmad Wirdan Waliyuddin 2023-07-13 2023-07-13 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1394 Study Of Types And Dosages Of Management On The Growth And Years Of Red Spinach (Amaranthus tricolor) <p>Red spinach is a vegetable whose demand is very high, so further research is needed to increase the<br>production quality of this commodity. The use of organic fertilizers such as manure can help increase the yield and growth of red spinach (Amaranthus sp) cultivation. This study aims to determine the effect of the use and a good dose for growth and obtain good results on red spinach (Amaranthus sp). This study used a randomized block design consisting of 2 factors and was repeated 3 times. The first factor was the type of manure, namely chicken manure and quail manure. The second factor is the dose of manure, namely the dose of 10 tons/ha, the dose of 20 tons/ha, and the dose of 30 tons/ha. From the results of the study, it was found that there was no significant interaction with all the red spinach measurement variables.</p> Nurul Khomariyah Intan Rohma Nurmalasari Copyright (c) 2023 Nurul Khomariyah, Intan Rohma Nurmalasari 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1400 Effect of Application of Liquid Organic Fertilizer of Pineapple Peel Waste on Growth and Production of Red Lettuce Plants (Lactuca sativa var. Crispa) <p>This study aims to determine the effect of giving the optimal concentration of pineapple peel liquid organic fertilizer on the growth and production of red lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa var. Crispa)". This research was conducted in Modong Village, Tulangan Subdistrict, Sidoarjo Regency and continued at the Agrotechnology Laboratory of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo University. The research was conducted from December 2022 to January 2023. This study uses a Randomized Group Design (RGD) with a single factor, namely the concentration of liquid organic fertilizer application of pineapple peel waste. The concentrations of liquid organic fertilizer of pineapple peel waste were 100 cc/l; 150 cc/l; 200 cc/l; 250 cc/l; 300 cc/l; 350 cc/l; 400 cc/l. The data obtained were processed using ANOVA, if there is a difference between treatments then it will be followed by 5% tukey test. The variables observed were plant height, number of leaves, wet weight, dry weight, root length, and harvest index. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the application of liquid organic fertilizer pineapple peel waste significantly affects the observation variables of plant height, number of leaves, wet weight, dry weight and root length. While it is not significantly different on the observation variable of harvest index. The optimal application of liquid organic fertilizer pineapple peel waste is with a concentration of 250 cc/l (N4).</p> Atik Kuswardina M Abror Copyright (c) 2023 Atik Kuswardina, M Abror 2023-07-18 2023-07-18 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1404 Effect of Concentration of Liquid Vermicompost Fertilizer and ZPT Cytokinin on Growth and Yield oF Mustard Greens (Brassica Sinesis L) <p>This study aims to determine the concentration of liquid organic fertilizer vermicompost and ZPT cytokinins on the growth and yield of mustard greens (Brassica sinesis L). This research was conducted in Mojoruntut Village, Krembung District, Sidoarjo Regency from December 2022 to January 2023. This research method was carried out using a factorial randomized block design (RAK) consisting of 2 factors. The data obtained were processed using ANOVA, if there were differences between the treatments, the 5% BNJ test would be continued. The variables observed were plant height, number of leaves, fresh weight, dry weight, root length, and harvest index. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the application of liquid organic fertilizer from pineapple peel waste has a significant effect on the observation variables of plant height, number of leaves, fresh weight, dry weight and root length. While not significantly different in the harvest index observation variable. The optimal administration of liquid organic vermicompost fertilizer and cytokinin ZPT is with a concentration of 25 ml/l (P4) and 2ml/l (Z1).</p> Risca Retno Setyo Rini Intan Rohma Nurmalasari Copyright (c) 2023 Risca Retno Setyo Rini, Intan Rohma Nurmalasari 2023-07-24 2023-07-24 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1414 Effect of Banana Stem Liquid Organic Fertilizer On Shallot Growth And Production (Allium ascalonicum L.) <p>The study-aims-to-determine-the-effect-of POC (liquid-organic-fertilizer) concentration of-banana-stems and-the interval of-application-of POC (liquid-organic-fertilizer) banana-stems on-the growth-and yield of onion plants. Conducted on private land, Tamanan Hamlet, Kepulungan Village, Gempol District, Pasuruan Regency from December 2022 to March 2023. Using factorial Group Randomized Design (RAK) and further tests using BNJ. The first-factor is-the concentration-of POC Banana Stems which-consists of-3 levels,-namely 100ml / L, 200ml / L, 300ml / L. while the-second-factor-is-the-interval-of-fertilizer-application-consisting of-3 levels,-namely-once-every-5-days,-once-every-10-days,-every-15-days, The-results-of variety analysis-show that-there is no-interaction between-the concentration of banana stem POC fertilizer and the time interval of POC fertilizer application. POC fertilizer concentration treatment has-a real-effect on observing plant-height, number-of bulbs and number-of POC fertilizer concentration treatment has-a real-effect on observing plant-height, number-of bulbs and number-of onion saplings, from banana stem POC fertilizer concentration treatment which can-produce-the-best wet weight-of shallots,-namely with a-concentration of 200ml/L.</p> Wahyu Novianto Andriani Eko Prihatiningrum Copyright (c) 2023 Wahyu Novianto, Andriani Eko Prihatiningrum 2023-07-31 2023-07-31 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1437 Effect of Liquid Organic Fertilizer (POC) Pineapple Peel and Trichoderma Sp. on the Growth and Yield of Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Frutescens) Variety Ori 212 <p>This study aims to determine the interaction of the effect of giving liquid organic fertilizer (POC) pineapple peel and giving Tricoderma sp. on the vegetative growth of cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) ORI 212 variety. This study uses a quantitative method with a Randomized Group Design (RAK) arranged factorially, consisting of 2 factors, namely the dose of organic fertilizer (POC) Pineapple peel and Thricoderma sp, repeated 3 times. The observation variables that will be calculated in this observation include Plant Height (cm), Stem Diameter, Fruit Weight, Number of Branches, Number of leaves, Flowering Age (days), Number of Flowers (flowers) and Number of Fruits (fruits). Data were analyzed using analysis of variance (anova), if there was an effect, it was continued with the honest real difference test (BNJ). The results showed that there was an interaction effect of giving liquid organic fertilizer (POC) pineapple peel and Thricoderma sp, on vegetative growth, namely plant height, fruit weight, number of branches, number of leaves, flowering age, number of flowers and number of fruits of cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) ORI 212 variety, but there was no effect on the observation of stem diameter.</p> Ahmad Al Farabi Andriani Eko Prihatiningrum Copyright (c) 2023 Ahmad Al Farabi, Andriani Eko Prihatiningrum 2023-08-10 2023-08-10 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1438 Improving Working Method of Label Cutting Station in the Jago Jaya Shuttlecock Industry for Increases Productivity <p>The process of cutting labels at the Jago Jaya Industry Shuttlecock has not implemented efficient working methods, so production targets are not achieved. This study aims to improve the working method of the workstation through the implementation of a label cutting tool in the Jago Jaya industry. The method used to analyze hand movements uses the Right Hand and Left Hand Map. Improved operator hand movements to be more balanced so as to increase productivity at the label cutting workstation. The time required to cut 50 labels was reduced from 72 seconds to 46 seconds after the application of the cutting tool and the change in the placement of the equipment closer to the operator. After the implementation of the pacemaker, the ineffective movements of the left hand were eliminated, such as 8 times from 10 to 2 times and 4 times from 6 to 2 times. Meanwhile, on the right, campaigns were held 1 time, from 5 times to 4 times.</p> Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti Bambang Suhardi Irwan Iftadi Afra Galda Nadhira Annisa Syahliantina Copyright (c) 2023 Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti, Bambang Suhardi, Irwan Iftadi, Afra Galda Nadhira, Annisa Syahliantina 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1388 Product Needs Planning For Distribution Fulfillment With Double Exponential Smoothing And Distribution Requirements Planning Methods <p><em>PT. KINI is a company engaged in the distribution of Indosat products. In the distribution process, there is often a shortage of stock for the Voucher type, and there is an excess stock for the SP type. The purpose of this research is to plan product needs before distribution, especially for products that often experience stock shortages. The application of the Double Exponential Smoothing forecasting method, and Distribution Requirement Planning are expected to overcome problems in the lack of fulfillment of product needs. The results of the research showed that the quantity of economical orders based on forecasting on V 3 in 1 products was 18,345 frequency of ordering 6 times, FI 1.5 GB of 11,715 frequency of ordering 4 times, FI 2.5 GB of 12,236 frequency of ordering 4 times, FI 5, 5 GB of 10,075 message frequencies 3 times, 3 GB FI of 11,874 message frequencies 4 times, and 9 GB FI of 6,566 message frequencies 2 times. The conclusions obtained from the development of the DES and DRP methods are the most economical order quantity, and the right time to order to overcome shortages in stock data voucher type products.</em></p> Sebastian Arya Natadiharja Indah Apriliana Sari Wulandari Tedjo Sukmana Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Sebastian Arya Natadiharja, Indah Apriliana Sari Wulandari, Tedjo Sukmana, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1398 Talas Cripic Packaging Design Using Kansei Engineering And Analytical Hierarchy Process (Ahp) Method <p><em>One of the MSMEs engaged in the snack food sector and currently running is the taro chips business owned by Mr. Wahab which is located at Tambak Sari Village, Purwodadi Pasuruan, East Java. Business running for 1 year. Chips are snacks or snacks made from various ingredients such as flour and others, and also from tubers. Based on the results of interviews and observations obtained from consumers, the problem that is often complained of is the packaging used, which is thin plastic and easily torn or perforated. So that the condition of the chips is easily sluggish or not crispy. Kansei engineering is a technology that translates a customer's or consumer's feeling and image about a product which is then translated into design elements or in other languages, is a customer-oriented technology for product development based on computer science. The purpose of the Kansei engineering method is to make it easier for designers to gather consumer needs based on feelings or what can be called consumer psychology. The Kansei method will be integrated with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to decide whether the new packaging is more feasible and good or not. The results showed that the packaging of taro chips was a simple design, bright color, and plastic material from the Kansei Engineering and AHP methods. The packaging is strong and durable so that it can maintain the crispness of the chips.</em></p> M. Kholisun Nasoik Ribangun Bamban Jakaria Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Boy Isma Putra Copyright (c) 2023 M. Kholisun Nasoik, Ribangun Bamban Jakaria, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana, Boy Isma Putra 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1399 Implementation of the Customer Relationship Management Scorecard and AHP Methods in the Manufacturing Industry <p><em>PT X is a company in the manufacturing sector of the paint industry Competition in the paint industry fighting for market share. To form relationships with customers used customer relationship management method. This study aims to determine the results of implementing the CRM Scorecard. Researchers collect search data from literature or interviews with experts in the field of customers. From the search results, the data yields perspectives and Key Performance Indicators for each perspective, namely customer knowledge, interaction,value and satisfaction. From the perspective and indicators of the CRM Scorecard, it will be determined by weighting using the Analytical Hierarchy Process method. Significant results for company evaluation were obtained from CRM assessments using the AHP method, namely value (0.3737) and Satisfaction (0.34) obtaining the highest ratings indicating that the company is in line with the objectives of these two perspectives, namely creating corporate value and create customer loyalty to the company.</em></p> Ahmad Yudha Mauludhin Ribangun Bamban Jakaria Copyright (c) 2023 Ahmad Yudha Mauludhin, Ribangun Bamban Jakaria 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1402 Quality Control of Tofu Production Processes Using the Seven Tools Method <p>Tofu is a food derived from soybeans which is then fermented to extract its juice. The problem that often occurs in the tofu industry is that the products produced still have a lot of defects. The purpose of this research is to identify the types of defects in tofu production and the causes of defects in tofu products and to improve product quality. The method used in this study is the seven tools method. Seven tools are 7 (seven) basic tools used to solve problems in production. The results of the research in the production process of SB tofu occurred 4 types of defects, namely defects in unequal size, defects in terms of texture, defects mixed with dirt and defects in color. The most dominant type of tofu SB defect is the type of size defect that is not the same with a percentage of 45.6%. This type of defect is caused by human, machine, material, method, and environmental factors.</p> Mohammad Kharis Alwi Atikha Sidhi Cahyana Copyright (c) 2023 Mohammad Kharis Alwi, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1425 Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Using Importance Peformance Analysis (IPA) on 19 Liter Packaging Drinking Water Products <p>Bottled drinking water is water that has been processed without additives and then packaged and safe for consumption. Bottled bottled products also vary widely, ranging from 250 ml packages to products with 19 liter packaging. This 19 liter bottled water product is the one most widely used by the public where it is not only consumed as drinking water but also used as a medium for cooking. In addition to the affordable price, this package also contains quite a lot of water compared to other packages so that it is able to meet daily needs. So that is what has resulted in various brands of bottled water products starting to emerge. This research uses the importance performance analysis (IPA) method. Data collection was carried out by observing and distributing questionnaires. the results of the study indicate that there are 8 (eight) attributes that require improvement and 3 (three) attributes that canlowered the level of service to save costs and effort in order to meet the level of satisfaction with consumers.</p> Indrawati Rahayu Ningsih Ribangun Bamban Jakaria Copyright (c) 2023 Indrawati Rahayu Ningsih, Ribangun Bamban Jakaria 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1424 Minimalist Sofa Redesign Using the Kano Method <p>UKM Mebel Berkah Raya is a company engaged in the field of furniture, one of the products produced is Sofa products. The large number of competitors who are the company's competitors, makes it difficult for the products produced to compete with similar products on the market, therefore, the company conducts a preliminary survey involving loyal customers owned by UKM Mebel Berkah Raya, in order to find out the desires of customers for sofa products, especially sofa products that are produced by the UKM furniture, Berkah Raya. The data obtained shows that the problem that is owned by the product sofa produced by UKM Mebel Berkah Raya lies in the product design attributes, so that with the problems that are owned, further research is carried out which aims to find out in detail the problems that are owned, to then carry out re-design of the sofa product, so that it will produce a sofa product that is in accordance with the customer's wishes. This study uses the Kano method to determine the level of customer satisfaction with a product by paying attention to the attributes attached to the product. so that the level of urgency of each Voice of Customers, so that action can be taken according to the priority level of the results obtained. The results of this study are that the attributes that will be developed with the provisions of Attractive that produce customer satisfaction. attributes Indiffrent that can generate positive feedback with customers.attribute One-Dimantion can increase customer satisfaction. So that the resulting design in the form of an existing sofa design is representative of the measurements that have been carried out with the method used.</p> Depry Yusuffa Ribangun Bamban Jakaria Copyright (c) 2023 Depry Yusuffa, Ribangun Bamban Jakaria 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1426 Integration of Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Method and Min-Max Stock Method in Controlling Raw Material Inventory in The Furniture Industry <p>Indonesia is a country with a very rapidly developing economy in the manufacturing sector that produces furniture products. The existence of fierce competition between companies and the limited supply of raw materials makes the need for raw materials in the production process uncontrollable so that the desired goals of the company cannot be achieved. One of the factors that greatly influences is regarding the problem of raw material inventory levels. The issue of raw materials is very important for an enterprise because it has a great influence on the profit obtained.Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Min-Max Stock methods are carried out to control raw material inventories resulting in savings with optimal purchases by not experiencing inventory shortages.This research is expected so that waste and inventory that are too small can be known at intervals of time to be more effective and efficient in the production process.From the results of analysis and data processing, it can be seen that the number of orders for sonokeling wood raw materials needs is 17.670 m<sup>3 </sup>and amara wood raw materials are 4.325 m<sup>3 </sup>with an order frequency of 1 time and an ordering cycle distance of 33 days. So the delay in raw material inventory is influenced by several factors, namely the purchase price of wood raw materials, estimates in using raw materials, purchasing policies from companies and government policies related to regulations with the Multistakeholder Timber Verification and Legality System (SLVK) for inventory control are still lacking.</p> Gema Fajar Hakiki Ribangun Bamban Jakaria Copyright (c) 2023 Gema Fajar Hakiki, Ribangun Bamban Jakaria 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1427 Numerical Simulation of the Effect of NACA 0012 Nozzle Geometry on Ducted Propeller Performance <p><em>Ducted propeller is a method on the propeller modification which added duct/nozzle on the propeller. Ducted propeller application is aimed to increase propeller thrust, increase propeller efficiency, and decrease propeller noise and vibration. In this research, a numerical simulation was conducted using ANSYS Fluent 2020 R2 with k-epsilon solver model. The aim of this research is to analyze the effect of the duct geometry using Ld/D (duct length/duct diameter) ratio. The simulation was done on two Ld/D variations at three different propeller angular velocity (1.000, 3.000, 5.000 rpm). The result of this research shows that duct with 0,6 Ld/D ratio has higher thrust force than duct with 0,5 Ld/D ratio. Meanwhile, the increase of propeller angular velocity increase propeller thrust force and fluid velocity.</em></p> Muhammad Ramadhani Suryolaksono Muhammad Agung Bramantya Copyright (c) 2023 Muhammad Ramadhani Suryolaksono, Muhammad Agung Bramantya 2023-07-07 2023-07-07 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1381 The Effect Of The Addition Of Db Killer On The Noise Of Yamaha Vixion 150cc Racing Motorcycle <p><em>Indonesia is one of the countries that has experienced a significant increase in the number of motorcycle vehicles, especially the Yamaha Vixion motorcycle, which is a sport-type motorcycle, a motorized vehicle which causes noise pollution arising from excessive noise levels. The aim of the study was to find out the results of the analysis of the noise level produced by motorbikes between standard and racing exhausts using the Intact-Group Comparison experimental research method. Experimental group (treated) and control group (no treatment). Population of all types of motor vehicle exhaust, sample 2 types of exhaust, namely standard and racing. the independent variable is the use of standard exhaust and racing exhaust on motorbikes. The dependent variable is noise level. The HC compound on the standard exhaust compared to the Racing R9 exhaust can significantly reduce HC exhaust emissions. The standard exhaust CO compound is better than racing exhaust. So the noise level and exhaust emissions of racing exhausts are higher than standard exhausts. So that racing exhaust is more dangerous if it is used frequently because it contains a noise level that is too high.</em></p> Phaundra Rexha Jagadhita Ali Akbar Copyright (c) 2023 Phaundra Rexha Jagadhita, Ali Akbar 2023-07-14 2023-07-14 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1396 Design of a Samier Cracker Dough Molding Machine Semi-Automatic with Roll Cutting Method <p><em>The main obstacle that UMKM SA has is limited production technology which is still manual so that workers take a long time and production results are not good because the thickness of the crackers is uneven and the sizes cannot match. So it is necessary to design a cracker-making machine by making a printing roll tool. The design method uses the manufacturing process method which is based on the cutting process and has a different perspective from the previous thing. Where the researcher analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the product to be made, has an overview of the product to be made by taking samples of material sources and data from the analysis that has been carried out directly to the resource persons as well as by analyzing the processes that have been carried out. The results of the study are from data analysis of the cracker dough cutting machine with the selected concept, it can be said to be effective with a faster time record in each test, good efficiency and effectiveness of the first tool requires an average time of 03:80 to 01:12 with cracker dough size 46x46x1 totaling 121 pieces.</em></p> Abdul Aziz Prasetiyo Ali Akbar Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti Copyright (c) 2023 Abdul Aziz Prasetiyo, Ali Akbar, Prantasi Harmi Tjahjanti 2023-07-17 2023-07-17 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1403 Experimental Study on Sansivera Composite Fibers Against the Administration of Alkaline NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) <p>This study aims to analyze sansivera fiber-reinforced composite materials with a polyester resin matrix and treat sansivera fibers against alkaline NaOH liquids with levels of 4%,7%,10%,13% and this study for experimental design using the hand lay-up method,which aims to analyze experimental data,and is also used to determine the minimum number of experiments that can be obtained and provide infotmation on factors that influence parameters.The experiments were carried out through 1)composite manufacturing method,2)immersion with alkaline NaOH,3)fiber tensile test method,4)microstructure test method,5)composite tensile test methods.the results of research on tensile test of fibers from the soaking process with alkaline NaOH 4%,7%,10%,13% and 15%,get the best results in the 15% NaOH alkaline immersion process. From results of the tensile test the fibers will be formed into 7 composite specimens, from the composite tensile test the maximum tensile strength is obtained on specimen 5 with 40% treatment of 45,71 N/mm<sup>2 </sup>and the highest elongation obtained on specimen 4 with 30% treatment of 3,95mm.</p> Teguh Tri Kurniawan Edi Widodo Copyright (c) 2023 Teguh Tri Kurniawan, Edi Widodo 2023-07-21 2023-07-21 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1411 The Effect Of The Addition of Copper DB Killer On Yamaha Vixion 150cc Motorcycle on Exhaust Emissions <p>The addition of racing exhaust to a vehicle will greatly affect the quality of exhaust emissions. Racing exhausts that use the FreeFlow system which throws the remaining combustion gases out immediately without any deflection and catalyst in the racing exhaust. The addition of DB Killer uses nest-shaped copper material, besides reducing noise it also reduces excessive emissions and the material is easy to obtain, inexpensive, and has a simple manufacturing process. The advantage of DB Killer is that using a nest model copper plate catalyst material significantly reduces emissions compared to not using DB Killer. The DB Killer is installed at the end of a racing exhaust silencer and tested at different RPMs of 3500, 4500 and 5500. Tested using a gas analyzer to obtain CO, HC and CO2 values ​​for racing exhaust emissions without DB Killer and using a copper DB Killer. Obtaining the results of reducing exhaust emissions is much better and produces less noise. The result is a lower exhaust emission value because there is a DB Killer made of copper at the end of the exhaust silencer which can withstand emissions in the DB Killer which has a hollow design.</p> Herdianto Tri Wibowo Ali Akbar Akbar Copyright (c) 2023 Herdianto Tri Wibowo, Ali Akbar Akbar 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 4 10.21070/pels.v4i0.1423