Analysis of Process Failures in Plastic Product Manufacturing Using Blow Molding Machines Analisis Kegagalan Proses Pembuatan Produk Plastik Pada Mesin Blow Molding

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Muhammad Alriz Nur Aftian
Ali Akbar


Abstract. The rapid advancement of technology, particularly in the plastics industry, is closely intertwined with the
development of machinery used in plastic production processes. Commonly used machines in plastic raw material
production include blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion. The production cycle time significantly affects
both the quality and quantity of production. While a faster production cycle may increase the quantity of output, it
does not necessarily guarantee an improvement in product quality. Hence, it is imperative for companies to identify
factors leading to production defects to plan controlled improvements. Product quality is a crucial consideration for
consumers when selecting products. PT. XYZ Pasuruan, a manufacturing company specializing in plastic packaging
processing, faces production issues involving defective products and the underlying factors causing them. This
results in time and cost losses due to the need to reproduce faulty products. Therefore, this research aims to develop
effective strategies for preventing and reducing production defects. Possible measures include improving production
processes, machinery, employee training, or changing raw material suppliers. By addressing the root causes of
these issues, the industry can enhance product quality, reduce production costs, and increase customer satisfaction..
Keywords - Blow Molding Machine; Product Failures; Product Quality


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M. A. N. Aftian and A. Akbar, “Analysis of Process Failures in Plastic Product Manufacturing Using Blow Molding Machines”, PELS, vol. 7, pp. 232 - 238, Mar. 2024.